The Winter Racing Series Is Back

The Winter Racing Series is back this fall, with even more opportunities to race against riders from across Canada!

There will be a FREE prelim stage with heats on the 17th, 19th and 20th September at the same times as listed below for the main stages which will not contribute to the series results.

The fall series will run from 24th September to 20th December, with heats on Saturdays (1pm and 2:30pm), Mondays (5pm, 6:30pm, 8pm) and Tuesdays (9am, 10:30am, 6:30pm**)

New this year we have added a Tuesday night 6:30-8pm heat!

The full schedule is here; with stages ranging from rolling sprints to mountain climbs there will always be a stage to suit your style!

Various stages also contribute to the king of the mountains and sprinters “jerseys”, with all stages counting towards the general classification (as indicated).

The pricing this year is as follows:
Single race: $15
5 races: $70
One season of 12 races (fall or winter): $140
Both the fall and winter series- all 24 races: $250

Book your place now for the prelim and stage 1!

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