Winter Race Series Stage 4 Report and Results…

Week four of the Winter Racing Series saw riders take a challenging Plateaus and Climbs course. This week’s stage was 22.05km long and featured the steepest climbs in the series thus far pushing all riders to the far reaches of their cog sets. There were also some steep prolonged downhills that allowed some recovery even if it wreaked havoc on riders average wattages for the ride. if that wasn’t enough the long plateaus forced riders to dig deep to keep the power up.

The overall stage win went to Lee Ryan of vancouver for the second week running. Lee brought his A-Game once more clocking the only sub-39minute time on this demanding course, finishing in a time of 38:55.1. This helped Lee jump into the top spot for the Men’s GC standings, distancing himself from the competition by eight points. Second place went to Kit Wellburn of Vancouver who’s time of 39:49.8 gave him his first podium finish of the season. Rounding off the podium for this week was Roger Lee of Vancouver , finishing just under 20 seconds behind Kit, with a time of 40:08.0. This result for Roger allowed him to jump above Tony Zackery for the second spot in the GC standings. This competition will be fought to the end. A special mention has to go out to Dale Ewanchook, Tony Zackery, and Andy Handford. Their epic battle on Tuesday saw the lead change numerous times whilst they battled to sub-41minute finishes, all within 5 seconds of each other. Talk about an exciting heat !

With KJ not racing this week, it gave the other women to catch up in the overall GC standings. The win was taken by Alison Wood of Vancouver , who is always knocking on the door for the top spot. Her time of 45:28.4 was over two minutes ahead of the rest of the women’s field, and was enough to claim all 20 points toward the overall standings. This closes the gap between herself and KJ to only six points! The second place spot was closely contested by Alysia Withers from Vancouver and Bernie Muise from Burlington, who were separated by a mere five seconds, as Alysia finished in 47:48.5, and Bernie in 47:53.8.

For the full results, follow the link:

Next week is the second stage for King of The Mountain competition , where average watts/kg are the key to success. The Uphill course gradually works it’s way uphill demanding consistent power production for the whole ride !

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