Winter Race Series Stage 5 Report and Results…

This week the Peak Centre Winter Racing Series headed into the mountains with a 22.70km uphill stage which was also the second stage contributing to the King of the Mountain points. The stage itself consisted of rolling hills as the peleton rolled through the foothills leading up to a 9km gradual climb of moderate grades to a mountain top finish. With few opportunities for recovery, this stage was all about sustained power development.

The Men’s podium was full of Vancouver riders this week! The fastest rider through the course, reclaiming the throne from Lee Ryan, was Roger Lee. Roger left everyone behind, finishing over a minute ahead of the competition in a time of 35:37.3. Lee Ryan again rode strong finishing in second place with a time of 36:43.1 . Dale Ewanchook took third place, finishing in 37:20.1. The men have now been split into A and B categories for the overall standings, so there are many changes to the data sheet. In the A-category, Lee Ryan heads the pack, followed closely by this week’s winner Roger Lee, and Tony Zackery in third. The Men’s B is a close competition being led by Vancouver’s Alex Troy, who is just four points ahead of Vancouver rider Zack Mclaren, who is only two points ahead of his dad, Bob.

The Women’s podium was shared between Vancouver and Burlington this week. Alison Wood was the fastest women through the stage, taking 20 points toward the overall ranking. Her time of 40:33.5 was impressive, and put her over two minutes ahead of Burlington’s Melanie Shields who is becoming a regular to the women’s podium. Melanie finished in 43:18.7, just over a minute faster than Alysia Withers time of 44:31.2, which put the Vancouver rider into third spot this week. A change in the women’s overall standings see’s Alison Wood and Carolyn Hubbard leapfrog KJ Sadler, to occupy the top 2 spots.

As usual, follow the link for the full set of results:

As this week was a King of the Mountain Stage, there were more points to be awarded for the KOM rankings. Points are assigned relative to average watts/kg for the whole ride. Alison Wood from Vancouver and Melanie Shields from Burlington took the top two spots again, with Alison taking the maximum points, with an average of 3.23 watts/kg. Melanie who came in second place averaged 2.91 watts/kg, just a small 0.03 in front of Carolyn Hubbard who averaged 2.88 watts/kg. Nice watts ladies! The men’s podium consisted of two riders from Vancouver and one from Ottawa. Roger Lee made it two for two this week, taking all 20 points, with a huge average of 4.24 watts/kg. Alex Gagnon from Ottawa, who won the last KOM points finished behind Roger this time with an impressive 4.02 watts/kg, and in third was Vancouver’s very own Dale Ewanchook, with an average of 3.89 watts/kg.

So that rounds up stage 5 of our Winter Race Series. Next week it is big guys to the front as we take on a Net Downhill course. Don’t be fooled by the name, there are still some serious climbs to negotiate!

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