Winter Race Series Stage 6 Report and Results…

This week it was big men to the front with a net downhill stage running 25.90km. The profile was intimidating with 3 large climbs but riders soon realized that both the uphill and downhill grades were quite moderate so it meant that this was a “sustained wattage” course with very little opportunity for recovery.

The fight for the stage win was fierce this week. On Saturday Jay Menning lay down the gauntlet blazing what looked to be a time that would stand up. However some big rides in later heats on Monday and Tuesday were enough to knock Jay off the podium. The fastest ride of the week was a giant performance from Dale Ewanchook, finishing in 39:49.4, the only person to go sub-40 minutes and giving him his second win of the season. Roger Lee finished in 40:10.8 to take second place. Andy Handford snuck in for third only three seconds ahead of Jay, finishing in 40:58.2. The net downhill stage caused a shake-up in the Men’s A standings, with Roger claiming back the top spot, jumping ahead of Lee Ryan who lies only two points behind. Back another 15 points is Dale, meaning the top three are all representing the West Coast!

We had a couple of new riders in the Women’s competition this week, the return of Vancouver’s alias rider Jane Doe, and our first female competitor from Ottawa, Lucie Boudreau. However nobody could stop Alison Wood from claiming the top spot, and again taking the full 20 points. Alison’s time of 44:36.0 was enough for her third stage win of the season, and was just over four minutes ahead of second place rider Melanie Shields from Burlington who finished in 48:41.2. Rounding off the Women’s podium this week was Vancouver’s Jane Doe who had a great ride to finish in 54:50.5. These results stretch Alison’s lead at the top of the overall standings to 28, and gets Melanie within two points of the overall bronze position.

In the Men’s B there were many personal best’s in terms of average watts! Two of these PB’s were from Alex Troy and Bob McLaren from Vancouver. In fact, these great rides allowed them to take the gold and silver positions. Alex was the fastest, finishing in 42:16.5, and Bob just behind with a time of 43:11.4. The final podium spot was occupied by no other than Vancouver’s Mike McIvor, who rode to a finishing time of 43:56.5.

As usual, follow the link for the full set of results.

Next week it is back to our Original Time Trial. This is a great chance to measure your performance improvement over the last 6 weeks, and an opportunity for bonus points if you beat your previous time!

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