Winter Race Series Stage 7 Report and Results…

The race series returned to its benchmark Original Time Trial stage for Stage 7 of the Fall series. This gave riders a chance to see how they have been progressing over the last seven weeks, along with the opportunity for three bonus points for a personal best time! The course spans over 22.53km, and is a true course for sustained power. The continuous climbs of moderate gradient and short downhill recoveries really favors the riders who can sit tight and grind out the watts!

The hot times this week were sub-39 minutes, with the top four riders accomplishing this. Hopefully in stage 12 we will see some guys get into the 37’s! The winner of the week, claiming his third of the series, was Roger Lee of Vancouver. Roger put in a huge performance, finishing in 38:06.4, taking all 20points and three bonus points for knocking 36 seconds off last times result. Ottawa showed strength through Alex Gagnon who placed second, who came in under 30s behind Roger with a time of 38:33.1. Only a minor six seconds separated Alex from third place rider Kit Wellburn from Vancouver, who rode to a time of 38:39.8.

The women’s side of things saw a nice injection of new riders from Ottawa this week. However Alison Wood was still unstoppable out in front, finishing in a superb time of 41:24.9. However Alison seems to have some new competition, as this weeks second spot was occupied by Jules Gagnon from Ottawa. Jules came in less than 30s behind Alison, with a time of 41:50.8, this could be the start of a great battle at the top! Taking the bronze this week was Ottawa’s Kelly Knowles, as she rode to a finishing time of 42:42.5. Alison still occupies the top spot in the GC standings, and with a 57 point lead it’s looking like that will remain unchanged. However this week saw Melanie Shields of Burlington jump into the second spot, and with only 10 points separating herself and 5th place, the podium if far from wrapped up!

Men’s B was again the group for some fantastic battles. Grabbing the illusive win once more was Alex Troy from Vancouver, who put in another huge ride to a finishing time of 41:00.6. This was good for all 20points and an extra three for beating his September time. Burlington occupied the silver this week with their rider Toby Link finishing just 10 seconds behind Alex, with a time of 41:10.8. The battle for third couldn’t have been much closer this week, and was contested between three regular riders from Vancouver. On Monday, father and son Bob and Zack McLaren showed how a family battle should be contested, and although Bob was leading for most of the race, Zack’s huge sprint finish saw him beat his dad by 0.7 seconds!!! Then, the following day, Mike McIvor went one second faster than Zack to claim that final podium position. Fantastic racing!

As usual, the link has everything you need to know!

Next week we head back for some sprint points with the second ‘Rolling’ course of the season. I encourage everybody to leave the sprint to the end, let’s do this properly guys!

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