Winter Race Series Stage 8 Report and Results….

After last weeks Original Time Trail, it was time to go to the second Sprint Stage of the series, with a 20.00km Rolling Course. This is the shortest stage of the series but by no means was that an indicator of it being ‘easy’! The course constantly switched between moderate and tough climbs, steep downhills, and a few flats. The downhill parts provided some recovery between grinding up the hills. A very tricky course to find a rhythm, but …….

The winner of the stage this week was the only guy to go under 34 minutes. This was Vancouver’s Dale Ewanchook who missed last week due to a holiday, but showed he has not lost his fantastic engine, averaging a huge 311 watts and finishing in 33:48.0. The rest of the podium was settled in Vancouver, and only one second separated the two racers! Roger Lee put in a solid time of 34:33.3 and held off the ever improving Andy Handford to take the silver, who finished in 34:34.4. The results this week allowed Dale to jump past Jay Menning to that final podium position in the Men’s A. overall standings. There was a huge battle this week which must get a shout out. New rider to the series Kory Seder and Kit Wellburn faced off on Monday night for what turned out to be one of my favorite races this year. Both riders were neck and neck all the way, with Kory edging in front during the downhills, and Kit taking the lead on the climbs. Kit managed to overtake Kory on the last 5.8 grade kick, just enough in fact that Kory couldn’t quite get it back during the final downhill sprint to the finish. Two seconds separated them in the end, Great race!!!!!!!

The women’s race saw a mix up this week, with Ottawa’s rider Kelly Knowles taking the win over Vancouver’s Alison Wood. Kelly finished almost one minute ahead of the women’s overall leader, putting in a great time of 37:38.8. Alison’s time was 38:34.6. Taking the final podium spot was Vancouver’s Grace Menning, who is showing great promise after only her second race this season. Grace had a 30 second cushion between herself and 4th place, finishing in a time of 41:10.7.

Vancouver’s Alex Troy led the way once more in the men’s B category, as of recent he has just grown from strength to strength. His time of 36.13.8 was enough to secure the win. Just under a minute behind was Marcel Lavoie representing Ottawa with a time of 37:04.5, who took second place this week. Vancouver’s Mike McIvor rounded off the podium with a time of 37:31.0, with this result putting him only one point behind Zack McLaren for third place in the overall rankings.

Being a Sprint stage, points were also available for the Sprint competition title. Points are awarded relative to riders max watts per kilogram (MAX WPKG). Vancouver’s Alysia Withers put out the most power in the women’s contest, with a huge 9.34 peak WPKG. This gave her the valuable 20 points taking her to third place in the overall Sprint standings. Roger Lee dominated the men’s side of things once more, pushing 12.29 WPKG near the end of the race, and keeping himself at the top of the men’s contest.

As usual, the results link has everything you need to know!

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