Winter Race Series Stage 10 Results and Report….

First up a big thanks goes out to Linda Wong from the Valley First Granfondo Axel Merckx for sponsoring the racing series this week and providing us Vancouver riders with some great free swag! Much appreciated!

This week was the final Sprint stage of the 2011 Fall series, which took place over a 22.10km long course consisting of a mix of plateaus and climbs. There was a good mix of moderate climbs, with a few steep ones in the middle and at the end of the course, accompanied with periods of flat sections for riders to maintain a high power output. There were a good few downhills this week which switched some of the advantage toward the bigger guys, and allowed some much needed recovery periods.

After a couple of races to settle into the series, Kory Seder out of Vancouver took the stage win this week. Kory will be moving back to Wisconsin after Christmas and will be racing out of newly affiliated centre ‘SBR Coaching.’ He assures me there is some great talent down there so the intensity of the competition will only increase for the winter series. Kory’s 353 average watt ride took him to a finish time of 33:54.8, which was the only sub- 34 minute time this week. The rest of the podium was occupied by Vancouver talent, with Roger Lee finishing in second place with a time of 34:25.5, a slight six seconds ahead of third place rider, Andy Handford, who finished in 34:31.5. The third place finish by Andy gave him enough points to shoot into third place in the Men’s A overall standings, only two points ahead of Jay Menning from Vancouver, and only three points ahead of Lee Ryan from Vancouver. The top two spots remain unchanged, but the contest for the bronze medal seems to be shaping up nicely for a exciting finish!

Back after a week off, Alison Wood stamped her mark once more in the women’s race. Alison was the only female under 38 minutes this week, finishing in 37:10.9, and taking the 20 points in the overall standings. Ottawa rounded off the final two spots on the podium, with regular front runners Kelly Knowles and Wendy Blagdon. Kelly’s finish time of 38:31.0 was over a minute ahead of Wendy’s who finished just under the 40 minute mark, with a time of 39:57.5. After a run of good form and great results, Kelly now finds herself in the bronze medal position in the overall women’s standings, making it a current Vancouver, Burlington, Ottawa 1-2-3, with Alison Wood, Melanie Shields, and Kelly Knowles occupying the top three spots.

Men’s B was dominated by Peak Centre Vancouver’s staff roster! On Saturday, intern Alex Willis went hard, riding to a personal best for average watts, and finishing in a great time of 36:28.7. On Monday, intern Adam Brazil went 20 seconds faster than Alex, finishing in 36:07.0. Just when Adam thought he had finally beat his boss, Mike managed to finished in 35:52.4! Look out for Adam and Alex for the Winter series, the Fall has just been a warm up! This result has boosted Mike to second place in the men’s B podium, one that is dominated by Vancouver. Alex Troy seems to have the overall crown wrapped up, with only a show of face needed to secure this. Behind Alex, Mike is only one point ahead of Bob Mclaren, and this rounds off the podium.

As usual, the results link has everything you need to know!

The sprint titles have now been decided after this week’s stage. For this week, the most powerful woman was Kelly Knowles from Ottawa (6.17 W/kg), followed by Melanie Shields from Burlington (5.60 W/kg), and Kim Seder from Vancouver (5.30). The maximum 20points helped Kelly win the overall sprint crown with 37 points, a mere three points ahead of Vancouver’s Alison Wood who maxed out at 34 points! Rounding off the women’s sprint podium was Vancouver’ KJ Sadler and Alysia Withers who tied for 3rd place. In the men’s contest, this week was owned by Vancouver’s speed skating golden boy Zack McLaren who powered a huge 12.74 W/kg. Jay Menning from Vancouver took second with 11.88 W/kg, and again from Vancouver, Alex Willis took third with a peak of 11.01 W/kg. This weeks results was not enough to shake Vancouver’s Roger Lee from the top of the championship as he secured the overall title with 50points. Jay Menning just sneaked second place ahead of Alex after this weeks results, with Jay totaling 35points, and Alex 34points!

Next week is the final King of the Mountains stage taking place on the second ‘Hilly’ course of the season. Make sure you book your CompuTrainer

Up Coming Events:

January 2012: New in 2012 the Winter Racing Series is going international! We will be welcoming 5 other multi-rider centres from all over North America to race with us making the series the only international time trial series of it’s kind. It is going to be awesome! Welcome to:

Revolutionary Velo-Watts – Clifton Park, NY

Infinity MultiSport – Chicago, IL

SBR Coaching – Verona, WI

VR Cycling Centre – Magnolia TX

Challenge By Choice – Squamish, BC

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