Winter Race Series Stage 12 Results and report

What better way to end the Fall season’s racing than to go back and race Peak’s Original Time Trail Course. This was a fantastic way for riders to measure their progress over the last few weeks, and with a little extra motivation of being the last race, there were some significant improvements! The course itself runs 22.53km, and is a true test of sustained power. The course consists of moderate grade climbs and a couple of short descents with a flat in the middle to test the riders will to grind out the watts when they are starting to fatigue.

A couple of the quickest men dipped under 38minutes this week, with Vancouver’s Chris Young in his first Race Series experience coming in just under a second behind the Alex Gagnon of Ottawa. Alex’s time of 37:45.9 was quick even for him- leading to the 3 bonus points. Jumping onto the podium behind Chris was Kory Seder also of Vancouver, just 22 seconds from taking second place. Overall in Mens A, Roger Lee held on for the win by 13 points from Dale Ewanchook (with totals of 161 and 148 respectively). Andy Handford’s consistent podiums in the second half of the season have brought him in 3rd overall, with 115 points. Lee Ryan, Jay Menning and Alex Gagnon were all hot on his heels and I’m sure next season we can expect another close run in from this group!

In the final women’s race, the top three riders all set new personal best times. It was the usual names running the show, and despite their improvements, Kelly Knowles from Ottawa and Melanie Shields from Burlington could not take down Vancouver’s Alison Wood. Alison rode to the front of the women’s race once again, finishing in a time of 40:12.4. Just over a minute behind Alison was Kelly who stormed to a time of 41:46.1. After missing out on the podium last week, Melanie returned strong for the last race and claimed the third place finish, with a time of 44:13.6. The overall championship podium consists of the same three women just in a slightly different order! Finishing in third place with a total of 107 points is Kelly Knowles from Ottawa, in second is Burlington’s Melanie Shields with 123 points, and taking the championship win is Alison Wood from Vancouver with a huge 177 points. Alison in fact won 7 of the 12 stages so huge congratulations to her!

In mens B, Brendan Naef hit his stride on the OTT, taking the win and 20 points. Just 20seconds back was Ted Russo with a really strong effort, and Mike McIvor rounded off the podium with a typically dogged display. Despite Mike’s performance there were just not enough points available for him to knock Vancouver’s Alex Troy from the top of the overall championship podium. Big congratulations to Alex who totaled 149 points and seals the men’s B title for the fall season. Mike finishes in second place only nine points behind Alex with a total of 140, and Bob McLaren from Vancouver finishes in third with a total of 115. An honorable mention must go to Zack McLaren- 5 points off beating his dad overall, having only raced 7 times this fall.

As usual, the results link has everything you need to know!

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the racing series over the last 12 weeks, and we hope that you have experienced the benefits from the great workout that the series provides. There has been some classic battles this season so let’s hope for some more of that in 2012. We are going international and welcoming four new centres to the roster and very much looking forward to working with the following:

Infinity MultiSport – Chicago, IL

SBR Coaching – Verona, WI

Challenge By Choice – Squamish, BC

Tri Fitness Training – White Bear lake, MN

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