Welcome to the Peak Centre Indoor Racing Series!

The Peak Centre Indoor Racing Series is back for its 10th season! Once again riders from all over North America will have the opportunity to challenge each other on the same courses for GC and stage titles. The series is a fun way to continue your training during the cold and rainy months and adds a bit of healthy competition! It starts with a time trial which is repeated at the mid-way point and at the end of the season, allowing you to assess how effective your training has been. Every other course will be different, ranging from challenging mountainous stages to rolling sprints. Stage, General Classification (GC) and point leaders in different categories will be presented along the way to see who the leaders are based on the times posted, points collected and individual improvements. The results will be divided into 4 categories, Men’s and Women’s A’s and B’s and published each week.

The Indoor Racing Series is designed for fun and fitness. You can compete against yourself and riders of similar abilities to really push yourself and gain maximum benefit and enjoyment from your training!

Groups of 6 riders will race head to head on CompuTrainers at the Peak Centre on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Spaces are limited so book your slot now!

Have a look at the race report from stage 1 from last series to get an idea of what to expect!

93 brave souls across Canada and the US lined up for the Stage 1 of the Peak Centre Winter Race Series as we raced internationally for the first time. SBR Coaching in Verona WI, Tri-Fitness Training in White Bear Lake MN, and Infinity Multisport in Chicago IL have all joined the Peak Centres in Vancouver, Ottawa and Burlington to fight it out for Stage and GC points.

Stage 1 was 22.8km of rolling hills designed to help riders get rid of the Christmas cobwebs and work off some of that turkey and gravy. The course rolled its way uphill with periodic biting grades for the first half, with moderate climbs and descents as the course rolled through the back half. This course favoured the all-round rider that can climb well and generate some big power on the flats and lower grades.

The first stage win went to Sam Janicki from Tri-Fitness Training in Minnesota. Sam proved he will be fierce competition for the Men’s A class laying down the only sub-38 minute time of the week, finishing in 37:17.5 and taking the full 20 points into the GC standings. The rest of the podium was full of familiar faces. Alex Gagnon from Peak Ottawa took the second spot this week, with a time of 38:11.9 edging out Roger Lee of Peak Vancouver by less than 11 seconds. Roger took the last podium spot with a time of 38:22.0.

The Women’s race has started off as competitive as it finished between the two Peak Centre riders, Kelly Knowles from Ottawa and Alison Wood from Vancouver. Kelly managed to take first blood (and the top spot ) being the only female to go below 42 minutes. Kelly finished in a time of 41:59.8, which was enough for the full 20 points and a 27 second lead over Alison Wood from Vancouver, who finished in 42:27.3. Rounding off the Women’s podium this week was Carol Deavy from Ottawa, who came in just over a minute behind Alison, finishing in 43:29.1.

After promoting Alex Troy, the Fall Series B winner, there were bound to be some change in the Men’s B podium but Stage 1 did not disappoint. The Peak Centre Ottawa dominated the Men’s B podium this week, showing to the rest of us that we need to step up our game! Not only did they dominate but they were only separated by 22 seconds! Marcel Lavoie took the honors this week with a 40:13.1. Marcel was 20 seconds clear of second place rider Darrin Grace who finished in 40:33.2. Less than two seconds behind was Shawn McCleery who finished in 40:35.0. That must have been a fun heat to watch!

Here is the link with the full results of the stage:

This weeks was also the first chance for sprint points. These points are awarded based on maximum watts/kg (power to weight). The most powerful woman of the week was Carol Deavy from the Peak Centre Ottawa. Carol pushed out 7.02 W/Kg which put her clear at the top by 0.24 W/Kg from second placed rider Alysia Withers from Vancouver, who powered to a max of 6.78 W/Kg. Rounding off the women’s sprint podium was Jules Gagnon from Ottawa, who reached a max of 6.58 W/Kg. On the Men’s side of things we had some new faces filling the podium. However that top spot was taken by no other than Roger Lee from the Peak Centre Vancouver. Roger had over a 1 W/Kg lead at the top as he powered to a max of 12.27 W/Kg. In second place was new affiliate rider Mike Wolfgram from SBR Coaching in Wisconsin, who reached a max of 10.84 W/Kg. Taking the final podium spot was Alex Barrette from Tri-Fitness Training in Minnesota, putting out 9.17 W/Kg.

As a final note, it is worth mentioning now that there could be some shuffling of Men’s B riders into Men’s A following stage 3’s Original Time Trial. The criteria is based on finish time, so for all those on the cusp of Men’s A, make sure you put in a hard ride!

Next week we take to the mountains with the first Hilly Stage and the first chance for King of the Mountains points, where average watts/kg is key.

To Register for Racing in Vancouver:

If you want to race you have to book in. You can do this via phone (604-299-7959), emai (info@peakcentrevancouver.ca, or booking online (please call to set up a password).

Vancouver heats take place at times of:

Saturday 1pm & 2.30pm,

Monday 5pm, 6.30pm & 8pm

Tuesday 9am, 10.30am & now 6.30pm!

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