Stage 2 was the first of the Sprint stages and it wasn’t a surprise to see Dwayne Kress (Challenge by Choice, Squamish) power over the line in a time of 34:09.9, securing his place at the top. With a similar finish to last week, he was closely followed by team mate Martin Caron (34:52.7) and then claiming the final position on the podium was Peak Centre Vancouver’s very own, Roger Lee (35.25.0). But it was a fierce battle for this final podium spot as less than a minute behind Roger were, John Harris (Peak Centre, Vancouver), University of Bath debutant Jake Hollins, Sean Anderson (SBR Coaching, Verona) and Felix Young (University of Bath, UK) finishing 4-7 respectively. As we move into the mountains for Stage 3 could these riders challenge the top 3 and make it onto the podium? For the sprint competition it was Natural High Fitness rider Ryan Krauss who stormed to victory with peak watts/kg of 14.95! Felix Young came in 2nd and Roger Lee 3rd, but neither cyclist could compete with Krauss’ performance achieving 10.45watts/kg and 9.96 watts/kg respectively.

For the women’s category Peak Centre Vancouver rider, Grace Menning extended her lead at the top finishing in 39:11.6. Maria Hodges (GV Velocity, Grass Valley) and Sarah Greenwood (Leadout Coaching, Squamish BC) battled it out for second place and with only 10 seconds between them it was Hodges that managed to beat Greenwood to the line claiming the second spot on the podium and finishing in a time of (39:47.8). Narrowly missing out on a spot on the podium were Richele Frank (Peak Centre, Vancouver) and Jenni Chancey (Challenge by Choice, Squamish), finishing 4th and 5th respectively. However, as this stage was the first of the Sprint Stage’s, Jenni Chancey did manage to make it onto the podium in this competition and took second place with 11.52Watts/Kg. First place was taken by fellow Squamish rider Renee Brickner of Leadout Coaching, whose peak watts/kg were 11.96! Awesome work!

The Men’s B category continues to look close at the top and with Bobby Howell (Challenge by Choice, Squamish) unable to compete, it was Peak Centre Vancouver’s Mike Tunnah that claimed first place in Stage 2 (37:43.3) and in the GC! However he had some tough competition during the race with Challenge by Choice pair Grant Wilburn (37:46.6) and Jeff Desroches (37:57.8) finishing just seconds behind him to claim 2nd and 3rd place! This category is looking incredibly competitive with Joe Haimowitz (38:23.0), Callum Davidson (38:29.6), Roger Shirt (38:53.2), Dave Mccabe (38:53.8), Felix Chan (38:56.3), Rob Phoenix (39:03.6) and Dan Macdonald (39:17.7) all finishing in less than a minute of each other to take positions 4-11 respectively! For the sprint competition it was Challenge by Choice rider Brian Aikens who received maximum points and he was closely followed by Dan Giberson of Natural High Fitness whose peak watts were 12.72 watts/kg and 12.21 watts/kg respectively! Could this season see Natural High Fitness riders dominate the Sprint stages?

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