As the climbers enjoyed getting to the top of the mountainous stage 3, the 4th installment of the Peak Centre Indoor Racing Series took the riders down the other side, giving the more powerful competitors a chance to descend to the top of the GC category as they took on the Net Downhill stage!

However, in the Men’s A category it was a familiar name at the top of the podium as Dwayne Kress (Challenge by Choice, Squamish) stormed to victory in 34:13.4.  This gives Kress a 12 point lead in the GC standings over fellow Squamish rider Martin Caron (Challenge by Choice, Squamish) who took second spot in this stage with an impressive 35:20.4.  Although it is early days, has Kress already wrapped up the Men’s A title again? It’s going to take something special to challenge him or for the wheels really to fall off in the second half of the series….literally. Could Felix Young (Bath University, England) contest the dominance from Squamish? The British rider took the last spot on the podium in 35:38.4, taking him up to the third in the GC standings. While it was business as usual at the top, things get very interesting further down the field with positions 4th to 10th being separated by less than a minute! Other notable performances included Bob McLaren (Peak Centre, Vancouver) who flew home in 38:07.7, however he was pipped to the line by rival Mike Fertuck (Peak Centre, Vancouver) who finished in 37:43.9 despite some technical difficulties!

Meanwhile in the Women’s A category, Sarah Greenwood (Leadout Coaching, Squamish) tightened her hold on the top of the GC standings with as impressive stage win in 41:00.9. This was followed over a minute later by yet another Squamish rider, Jenni Chancey (Challenge by Choice) in 42:01.8. (WADA have been made aware of the super-human performances coming out of Squamish haha!) Maria Hodges (Velocity, Grass Valley) took the final spot on the podium in 42:30.5. Further down the field Carolyn Waldo (Peak Centre, Ottowa) held on to out-sprint Shenna Cholewka (Leadout Coaching, Squamish) in 45:22.5 and 45:23.8 respectively. However Cholewka was still able to jump four places in the GC category to 16th.

While the Men’s A category looks all sewn up already, the Men’s B category is far less predictable. Jeff Desroches (Challenge by Choice, Squamish) came home in 37:03.7, just managing to beat fellow Challenge by Choice rider Grant Wilburn who finished 2 seconds later! Peak Centre Vancouver’s Mike Tunnah prevented a Challenge by Choice hat-trick to take third in 37:21.4. The fierce competition continued down the field with places 4th to 10th being separated by less than a minute. This group included strong performances from University of Bath’s Jansen Her and Tom Ronneng (Peak Centre, Vancouver) who finished in 38:17.9 and 38:43.2 respectively.

Well that is your round up for what was another hugely entertaining and challenging stage of the Peak Centre’s Indoor Racing Series. Hopefully you enjoyed some downhill as stage 5 marks a return to the mountains! Will the Squamish riders continue their amazing form or will some big climbs from other centres see someone else scale the GC standings?

To check out the results yourself, please click here.

Thanks for competing and looking forward to another week of great racing! Good luck!

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