STAGE 5 – New King of the Mountain as University of Bath dominate!

After riders enjoyed some relatively ‘pleasant’ downhill in stage 4, it was back to the mountains for stage 5 of the Peak Centre’s Indoor Racing Series. It proved to be the most gruelling and controversial stage in the Series’ history as course creator, Felix Young, was inundated with angry reactions from competitors causing him to flee Canada for the safety of his native England.

With it’s never ending uphill and deceptive green lines, the latest stage proved to shake up the GC standings so let’s start this week’s round up of results with the Men’s A category. For the first time this season there is a new name at the top of the podium as Mark Bleakley (University of Bath, UK) blew the rest of the field out of the water in an incredible time of 39:28,5. There was an intense battle for the other spots on the podium as James Whateley (University of Bath, UK) claimed silver in 40:45,4 while Connor Byway (Peak Centre, Ottawa) had to settle for third, finishing an agonising two seconds later! This means that reigning champion and current GC leader, Dwayne Kress (Challenge by Choice, Squamish) was unable to make the podium, finishing fourth in a time of 40:54,0. This is a series first and in other news, hell has frozen over and flying pigs have been spotted in Vancouver. However this surprise result was not enough to alter the GC standings dramatically with Kress still on top, twelve points ahead of Challenge by Choice team mate Martin Caron and Felix Young (UoB, UK) in third.

A storming performance from Jenni Chancey (Challenge by Choice, Squamish) saw her claim the stage win in the Women’s A category in a time of 50:41,5. This was over a minute faster than second place Sheena Cholewka (Leadout Coaching) who took second, while Sharon Kozicki (Peak Centre, Ottawa) took bronze in 52:18,3.  GC leader Sarah Greenwood (Challenge by Choice, Squamish) finished in an impressive 52:19,3. While this saw her finish the stage in fifth, she still dominates the GC standings, 18 points ahead of fellow Challenge by Choice rider Jenni Chancey. Does stage 5 mark a drop in form from the category A leaders or have the rest of the field raised their game?

The Men’s B category was won by Bobby Howell (Challenge by Choice, Squamish) in a strong 44:28,1, over a minute ahead of second place Felix Chan (UoB, UK), while Jeff Desroches (Challenge by Choice) took third in 46:17,5. Further down the field this category proved again to be the most competitive as places 6th-10th were separated by less than 90 seconds! A special mention goes to John Lee who finished the stage in an impressive time, despite having his arm in a sling! (Perhaps these courses are too easy Felix!)

As with all KoM stages there were additional points available and Dwayne Kress is back on top with an amazing 4.19 Watts/Kg average in the Men’s Cat A. Maximum points were taken by stage winner Jenni Chancey (3.34 Watts/Kg) in the Women’s A while Bobby Howell made it a hat-trick for Challenge by Choice (3.9 Watts/Kg) in Men’s Cat B.

For the full results please click here.

Thanks again guys for another amazing week of racing. Have some riders finally stepped up to the challenge from Kress and co or will Stage 6 see a return to form from the Squamish riders? Next week marks the return of the Original TT so make sure you all get some rest as there will be additional points available if you beat your previous time! Thanks again and good luck!

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