Stage 10 – Natural High dominate the sprint points as Green Jerseys are awarded!

Hello Indoor Racers! After last week’s downhill, it was all up (with the occasional plateau) as the tenth stage saw riders tackle another climbs and plateau course. There were some big names missing from the start line this week and with sprint points on offer for peak watts/kg, let’s see who capitalised and how it affected the overall standings, starting with the Men’s Cat A.

Surprisingly, none of the podium finishers from stage 9 raced this stage. So in a field without the likes of Kress and Byway some other racers had the chance for glory and it was University of Bath’s James Whateley who took advantage in a time of 39:41.3. This was well ahead of Bath teammate Jake Hollins who took second place in a time of 40:21.9 while Jay Menning claimed third and his first podium finish of the season in 40:47.2. This was just ahead of course designer Felix Young who clocked 41:00.3, even after an evening in the pub! Perhaps that was the only time he could find after responding to all the ‘feedback’ on his courses! Although he does recommend a pre-race fuelling of a couple of beers and some pork scratching’s. However, this does very little to the overall standings as Kress sits on top, 54 points ahead of fellow Challenge by Choice rider Martin Caron. Despite not finishing on the podium, Felix Young appears to have benefited most from this week’s race, building a 16 point advantage overall in Byway’s absence. Will he be able to stay off the booze hang on for the last two stages?

Meanwhile in the women’s Cat A, the fight for the title continued as Grace Menning (Peak Centre, Vancouver) and Sarah Greenwood (Leadout Coaching, Squamish) battled it out again to finish in the top two. However, it was Menning who stormed to victory in a time of 45:28.3, well ahead of Greenwood who finished in 47:04. Menning continues to chip away at Greenwood’s GC lead, however with a 20 point advantage and only two stages remaining, it would take a catastrophic loss of form for the Squamish rider to not be crowned Fall champion. The final spot on the podium was claimed by Sheena Cholewka in a time of 48:15.

Finally, the Men’s Cat B! While the big guns from Cat A sat out this week, the top riders in this category refused to take a week off as Grant Wilburn (Challenge by Choice, Squamish) took first in an impressive 41:51.7. This was well ahead of Jeff Desroches (Challenge by Choice, Squamish) and Josh Hochman (University of Bath) who sprinted to the line to take second and third in 42:25.7 and 42:27.3 respectively. As a result, the GC category looks much the same with Wilburn way out in front, 17 points ahead of Desroches, with fellow Squamish rider Bobby Howell in third.

With this being the last of the sprint stages, this was the last opportunity for riders to put out their peak watts/kg and claim the green jersey! In the Men’s Cat A, Ryan Krauss (Natural High, Okotoks) took maximum points with a huge 16.29 watts/kg to remain top overall!  In the Women’s Cat A, Shannon Winslade (Natural High Fitness, Okotoks) took maximum points with an impressive 11.15 watts/kg. However, Sheena Harris (Challenge by Choice, Squamish) remained in first overall to be crowned as the women’s sprint champion. Finally in the Men’s Cat B, Dan Giberson took maximum points again with a huge peak of 14 watts/kg to comfortably take the title!

So there you have it, another tough stage of the Peak Centre Indoor Racing Series comes and goes! As we come to the end of the Fall season, the titles look all but won for Kress and Wilburn in the men’s categories, so it appears that the rest of us are riding for pride for the final two weeks. Greenwood remains the odds on favourite for the women’s title; however she will have to maintain her consistent form to fend off Menning’s challenge. Next week is the last of ‘new’ course before we return to the original time trial for the final stage, so best of luck and thanks for racing!

For the full set of results please click here.

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