Stage 2 – Into the mountains we go!

Hello there indoor racers and welcome to another stage of the season. After riders blew away the cobwebs with an exciting rolling stage last week, the second installment sees the first mountain course of the winter, which gives the climbers a chance to make some progress in the GC standings and also battle out for some precious KoM points!

In what many feel is going to be a running theme throughout the series, it was Connor Byway (Peak Centre, Ottawa) who reached the summit first to claim the stage win in a time of 37:24. This was well ahead of second place, Matt Price (Fraser Bicycle, Fraser), who finished almost 2 minutes later in 39:19. The final place on the podium was claimed by another Peak Centre Ottawa rider, James White, who crossed the line in a time of 39:47. There was disappointment for Alex Troy (Peak Centre, Vancouver) who was unable to make it back to back podiums, finishing in 39:51, however this was enough to remain third in the GC standings. There were also strong performances from Jay Menning and Rob McLachlan who clocked 40:37 and 40:51 respectively. Being a mountain stage there were KoM points on offer for average watts/kg. Unsurprisingly it was Connor Byway at the top again after recording an average of 4.59 watts/kg!

Meanwhile in the Women’s Cat A it was a much closer affair as a photo finish was required to determine the winner! Carol Deavy and Kelly Knowels, both of Peak Centre Ottawa, were separated by half a second, finishing in 42:25.6 and 42:26.1 respectively. This was well ahead reigning champion, Grace Menning (Peak Centre, Vancouver) who came in third with a time of 44:07. It looks as if Menning will have a fight on her hands to retain her title as Peak Centre Ottawa look to fill the space left by Challenge by Choice as the dominant force in the series. In the KoM standings, it was the same three at the top, as Deavy took maximum points again with 3.86 watts/kg.

Now to the Cat B’s! The good performances keep coming from Ottawa as 4 of the 5 top riders in the men’s race came from the Peak Centre. First place was claimed by Glen Budgell in 40:49, well ahead of Rich Smith (The Bike Hub, Norwich) and Darrin Grace (Peak Centre, Ottawa) who came home in 41:41 and 41:59 respectively. However, it was Smith who took the 20 KoM points with 3.86 watts/kg, ahead of Budgell who managed 3.75 watts/kg.

In the women’s Cat B, it was another Peak Centre Ottawa rider and another Byway who took the top spot as Nia Byway crossed the line in 50:36. This was just ahead of Vivian Lee who put in a storming performance to take her first podium in 50:47. The final place on the podium was claimed by Helen Toft in 50:21. Meanwhile, in the KoM standings it was a different rider, but the same team with maximum points as Carolyn Waldo (Peak Centre, Ottawa) took maximum points with an average of 3.11 watts/kg.

Finally, on to the men’s Cat C and it was The Bike Hub (Norwich) who cleaned up, as Luke Joanis blew away the rest of the field in 44:37. Second was taken by Steve Kohr in 46:19, while Ben Morgan completed the hat-trick in a time of 46:37. Joanis took the full 20 points in the KoM standings after an impressive 3.23 watts/kg average.

Well that is your round up of this week’s stage. Peak Centre Ottawa dominated the second stage of the winter season and will be looking to continue this good form in the original time trial next week. Thank you for racing and good luck next week!

For the full set of results please click here.

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