Stage 10 – and the Green Jersey goes to….

Hello Indoor Racers! After last week’s downhill, it was all up (with the occasional plateau) as the tenth stage saw riders tackle another climbs and plateau course. This was the final sprint stage, so with green jerseys up for grabs, let’s see who cranked out the maximum watts/kg and how it affected the overall standings, starting with the Men’s Cat A.

James White (Peak Centre, Ottawa) followed up last week’s victory with yet another stellar performance to finish top again in a time of 36:17.8. This was comfortably ahead of Jake Hollins (University of Bath) who upheld the UK team’s reputation for strong climbing with a time of 37:32.5. The final place on the podium went to Martin Caron (Leadout Coaching) in a time of 37:41. In the GC standings, White remains first, with a 4 point cushion over Caron. Alex Troy (Peak Centre, Vancouver) consolidated his position in third after a time of 38:54.7 and with Matt Price (Fraser Bicycle, Fraser) not racing again, the gap now stands at 19 points. In the race for the green jersey, sprint specialist Ryan Krauss (Natural High, Okotoks) completed the set of perfect sprint stages, taking maximum points with a huge peak watts/kg of 16.24. This increased his lead to 28 points and earned him his second consecutive sprint title!

Meanwhile in the Women’s Cat A, GC leader Kelly Knowles was unable to race again, giving rivals another chance to gain some ground in the hunt for the overall title. Peak Centre Ottawa teammate Carol Deavy took full advantage, claiming the stage in 42:39.7. Second place went to Sarah Greenwood (Leadout Coaching) who recoreded ger highest ranked finish after a time of 42:40.0. The final place on the podium went to Jessica Yurchich (SBR Coaching, Verona), who followed up last week’s second place with a time of 43:17.9! Despite not racing in the last two stages, Kelly Knowels remains two points ahead in the overall standings and with four victories already in the bank, she looks in good shape to claim the title. However, with three victories also to her name, Deavy will look to push her teammate right to the end. In the sprint standings another Natural High rider, Shannon Winsdale, was awarded the green jersey after her peak watts/kg of 10.38. While this was not enough for maximum points, which went to Renee Brickner (12.36 watts/kg), Winsdale still managed to finish on top with a total of 57 points!

On to the Cat B! In the men’s race, Rich Smith (The Bike Hub, Norwich) claimed his seventh podium of the season after a time of 39:35.3. This was over 30 seconds ahead of GC rival Joe Haimowitz (Peak Centre, Ottawa) who remained in contention for the overall title after crossing the line in 40:06.8. Rick Cordes (In Training, San Ramon) placed in third with an impressive time of 40:13.3. This all means that Smith remains comfortably in control of the GC race with a 31 point lead over Haimowitz. Peak Centre Vancouver rider, Chuck Fortier, remains in third after a time of 40:17.4 placed him in fourth. In the green jersey standings Dan Giberson continued Natural High’s dominance sprint category after producing a scary 14.05 watts/kg to also add another 20 points to his sizable lead.

In the women’s race, Calah Wright (Peak Centre, Ottawa) continued her record of always finishing on the podium, taking the stage win in 44:06.4. This was comfortably ahead of GC leader, Megan Davies (Peak Centre, Vancouver) who crossed the line in 45:54.0. Third place went to indoor racing debutant Kate Baker (UoB) who in her first race of the season recorded an amazing 47:05.7! It’s a shame that her first race is coming so late in the season! Carolyn Waldo was unable to break into the top three, meaning Davies increases her lead to 19 points overall. Meanwhile, another green jersey was awarded to Sara King (Leadout Coaching) despite not racing! Calah Wright recorded the highest watts of the stage (7.71), however, King was crowned sprint champion after already accumulating maximum points from the two previous sprint stages!

Finally the Men’s Cat C! Rumour has it there is a little sweepstake in the peloton on which Bike Hub rider will finish on top in each stage! This week the honor went to Luke Joanis in a time of 41:11.0. Keith Lewandoski (Bike Hub, Norwich) took second in a time of 41:23.0, while teammate Ben Morgan finished seven seconds back to claim third in 41:30.4. As a result, the smart money is still on Luke Joanis to take the overall lead after failing to place outside the top three! While Steve Kohr remains in second with a total of 156 points. While The Bike Hub dominate the GC, the sprint standings belong to Fraser Bicycle after Bob Rossbach claimed maximum points again with 12.34 watts/kg. This gave him the maximum 60 points and much sought after green jersey, ahead of Fraser teammate, Herb Kengel.

So there you have it, another tough stage of the Peak Centre Indoor Racing Series comes and goes!. Next week is the last of ‘new’ course before we return to the original time trial for the final stage, so best of luck and thanks for racing!

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