Stage 9 – Down we go!

Hello ladies and gentleman and welcome to another stage of the Peak Centre Indoor Racing series! Last week the riders met their old friend the OTT, however this week they returned to the unchartered territory of stage 9’s net downhill stage! Net downhill does usually favour the more powerful riders, giving them a chance to claw back some of the time that can be lost on the uphill. So let’s begin your weekly roundup of the few ups and long downs of this week’s race!

In the Men’s Cat A James White (Peak Centre, Ottawa) put in a huge performance to take the victory in 36:15.2. Second place went to Martin Caron (Leadout Coaching, Squamish), who in the absence of Matt Price (Fraser Bicycle, Fraser) was able to move up into first overall after a time of 36:51.0. Third place went to Peak Centre Vancouver’s Alex Troy in a time of 37:05.3 and means that Price drops out of the top three for the first time this season!

Meanwhile in the women’s Cat A there were some notable absences as neither of the top two overall competed this week, giving some of the other riders a rare chance to earn the big points! Summer Ohlendorf (SBR Coaching, Verona) took advantage with an impressive performance that might have merited maximum points in a full strength field, finishing in 40:38.9. This was nearly 2 minutes ahead of SBR teammate Jessica Yurchich who crossed the line in 42:18.5. This is a maiden podium finish for Yurchich and tops off a fantastic stage for the SBR team! Sarah Greenwood (Leadout Coaching, Squamish) comfortably secured third position in 43:09.0, ahead of Carol Deavy (Peak Centre, Ottawa) who clocked 43:55.8, taking her up into second in the GC! Kelly Knowles remains comfortably ahead overall, while Grace Menning will be looking to regain second in the next stage.

On to the Cat B! In the men’s race Chuck Fortier (Peak Centre, Vancouver) not only finished first in his classification but was just a second off being third overall, with a time of 37:06.6!  This was over a minute ahead of GC leader Rich Smith (The Bike Hub, Norwich) who came home in 38:25.3 while third went to Trey Cassidyt (Fraser Bicycle, Fraser) in a time of 38:49.6. This was a first podium of the season for Cassidyt but he was push right to the line by Paul Comeau (Peak Centre, Ottawa) who finished just a tenth of a second later! Smith retains his GC lead over Joe Haimowitz (Peak Centre, Ottawa) who finished in a group of six riders separate by just over 30 seconds, finishing in 39:32.9.

In the women’s race there was a seriously depleted field as only 7 riders made it to the start line! This could be a sign that the season is starting to take its toll, or more likely, the weather is improving! Those who did compete went home happy as just turning up guaranteed some big points! However, as in the Cat A, a full peloton may have had no bearing on the winner as Calah Wright (Peak Centre, Ottawa) stormed to victory in 40:59.6 to make it 3 wins from 4 races this season! Second place Megan Davies (Peak Centre, Vancouver) found some extra watts out of nowhere to finish in 44:14.9 and may have her teammates to thank after this result extended her lead overall to 16 points! The final spot on the podium went to Alexandra Da Costa (Peak Centre, Ottawa) in a time of 45:55.4.

Finally, the Men’s Cat C! The Bike Hub took the top four places with Steve Kohr taking the victory in 39:25.7. Teammate Luke Joanis recorded the only other sub 40 minutes time of 39:44.0 while Keith Lewandoski came home in 40:27.1. This changes very little in the GC standings but the Bike Hub will look to maintain their dominance right to the end of the season.

So there you have it! We are rapidly approaching the end of the winter season, but there is still plenty to race for! Next week, riders tackle the plateaus and climbs of stage 10. As always there will be sprint points on offer and as this is the final sprint stage, the green jerseys will be awarded! Thanks for racing and good luck next week!

For the full results, click here.

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