15th October 2014


Suzanne and Jay still lead the way!

This week saw Jay Menning (Peak Centre Vancouver) increase his lead at the top of Men’s Cat A, with a time of 40:55. Shawn Willis from In Training San Ramon, took second place with a time of 42:06 followed by Michael Holtz (Peak Centre Vancouver) at 43:02. Michael just missed out on a sub 43-minute race but will be delighted with his first podium finish of the season and moves into 3rd in the General Classification. As this week was a’ King of the Moutain’ race, Points were awarded to the highest average watts. For Men’s Cat A, it was Jay Menning (Peak Centre Vancouver) who came on top with 4.0 Watts/kg, with Shawn Willis (In Training, San Ramon) placed in 2nd with 3.90 Watts/kg! Michael Holtz (Peak Centre Vancouver) and Alex Willis (Swindon Tri Club) put in a great effort, with an average of 3.44 Watts/Kg and 3.40 Watts/kg, respectively. Men’s Cat B is the largest of the categories and is also one of the most competitive. After finishing second last week, Rick Cordes (In Training, San Ramon) was determined to reclaim a 1st place finish and this week he did exactly that with a time of 43:32. Joe Haimowitz (Peak Centre Ottowa) finished in second place, whilst Ryan Gilchrist (Peak Centre Ottowa) may have surprised a few, after last week’s performance, with a 3rd place finish. Rick Cordes also gets the bragging rights, ranking first in the King of the Mountain leaderboard, with an average of 3.76 Watts/kg!

In Women’s Cat A. Suzanne Cordes (In Training, San Ramon) clocked the fastest time at 49:20 whilst Jennifer Buck (Natural High, Okotoks) came in 2nd  place for the second time, achieving a time of 50:56. Team mates Shannon Winslade and Katrina Podmore (In Training, San Ramon) took 3rd and 4th respectively, finishing within 35 seconds of each other; a real battle for 3rd place! It was Suzanne Cordes who also came out on top of the King of the Mountain rankings, averaging 3.14 Watts/kg, well done! In Women’s Cat B. it was Rebecca Yi (In Training, San Ramon) who remains perched on her pedestal at the top of the table, with a great time of 49:43. Newcomer Holly Gamble (Swindon Tri Club, Uk) put in a great effort and narrowly missed out on 1st place, finishing only 26 seconds behind Rebecca. Lucette Laflamme (Peak Centre Ottowa) and Marni Hutchinson (Natural High, Okotoks) battled it out for 3rd place, and it was Lucette who came out on top, finishing with a 55:14. Rebecca Yi takes max King of the Mountain points, averaging a massive 3.25 Watts/Kg!

Three of the four top positions are occupied by members of the In Training team. Will the other teams look to work together and knock them off the top?

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