22nd October 2014

In Men’s Category A, Jay Menning from the Peak Centre Vancouver, maintains his 100% record in this years Fall Racing Series by finishing first yet again, with a time of 40:36! Ryan Krauss (Natural High, Okotoks) will be delighted with his time of 41:32, his first podium finish this year! Shawn Willis (In Training, San Ramon) finished in third place with a time of 41:41, whilst Michael Holtz missed out of a top three finish with a 42:39. Kit Wellburn (Peak Centre Vancouver) came in 5th place and produced a massive 26.56 Watts/Kg, shame it wasn’t a Sprint Stage Kit! Men’s Category B proved to be highly competitive again this week. The top three all finished within 36 second of each other! Rick Cordes (In Training, San Ramon) took first place once more, with Joe Haimowitz (Peak Centre Ottowa) in second and Brad Marsh (Peak Centre Ottowa) claiming third place. In the general classification, Rick is still in the lead, while Dan Giberson (Natural High, Okotoks) is in the silver medal position and Tom Ronneng (Peak Centre Vancouver) slips into third place.

In Women’s Category A, Suzanne Cordes (In Training, San Ramon) finished with a 47:52, almost three minutes before Jennifer Buck (Natural High, Okotoks), who came in second place. Shannon Winslade (Natural high, Okotoks) and Katrina Podmore (Natural High, Okotoks) battled in out for third place again this week, and it was Shannon who came on top to grab the bronze medal. Will the team mates from Natural High turn against each other in their quest for that second place in the overall classification? Womens Cat. B, Rebecca Yi (In Training, San Ramon) only took 48:09 minutes to finish the Net Downhill course this week. Vivian Lee (Peak Centre Vancouver) snatched second place and moves up to 4th in the General Classification. Marni Hutchinson (Natural High, Okotoks) finished with a time of 53:15, enough to take third place, whilst Lucette LaFlamme (Peak Centre Ottowa) came in third this week, as she looks to cement her place in the top three overall classification.



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