29th October 2014

Indoor Racing Series Report

In Men’s Cat A, Jay Menning (Peak centre Vancouver) takes first once again with a time of 39:38! Is anyone going to be able to knock him off that top position?! Well, Ted Russo (Peak Centre Vancouver) gave it a great shot this week, finishing only 12 seconds behind Jay with a 39:50. Kit Wellburn makes it a Peak Centre Vancouver 1-2-3 finish with a time of 40:10, his first time on the podium since Stage 2. The Vancouver Centre seems to have completely dominated this category this week, as Michael Holtz and Alex Troy ensured that the top 5 consisted only of Vancouver Peak Centre members.  It was a King of the Mountain Stage this week, and Ted Russo (Peak Centre Vancouver) took first place with a massive 4.15 Watts/Kg. Jay Menning (Peak Centre Vancouver) came in second (must be strange for him!) with 3.38 W/Kg and Kit Wellburn grabbed 3rd place with 3.93 W/Kg.

Men’s Cat. B is the largest category and perhaps the most competitive. Rick Cordes (In Training, San Ramon) further increased his lead in the overall classification by finishing in first place in this week’s Stage with a time of 40:59. It seems like John Forsyth (Peak Centre Vancouver) loves riding uphill! He finished in second position with a time of 42:07, which may not sound too pleasing to Joe Haimowitz (Peak Centre Ottawa), who came in third with 43:18. There was a photo-finish for 5th place as Paul Comeau (Peak Centre Ottawa) beat Dan Giberson (Natural High, Okotoks) by 0.2 seconds! The maximum King of the Mountain points go to Rick Cordes, who produced an average of 3.95 Watts/Kg, well done!

In Women’s cat A. Grace Menning (Peak Centre Vancouver) raced her first Stage of the season and somewhat ruined Natural High’s parade by finishing in first place with a time of 45:30. Shannon Winslade (Natural High Okotoks) finished ahead of team mate Jennifer Buck, however Jen is in the lead in the overall rankings. Who will have the last laugh? King of the Mountain Points go to Grace Menning (Peak Centre Vancouver), although it is Shannon Winslade who leads the overall KOM points rankings. Women’s cat B is another small but fierce group as each member seeks to kick Rebecca Yi (In Training, San Ramon) off that top spot. However, Rebecca took first place again this week, meaning that she is now 13 points ahead of Lucette Laflamme (Peak Centre Ottawa) in the overall classification. Megan Davies (Peak Centre Vancouver) put in a great shift this week, finishing in second place with a time of 52:33. Vivian Lee (Peak Centre Vancouver) snatched 3rd place, finishing only 6 seconds behind Megan. It was Rebecca Li who also managed to produce the highest average Watts per Kg, so she takes the full amount of King of the Mountain points.

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