Stage 2 – Menning and Cordes still on Top!

Stage 2 was the first of this seasons sprint stages and once again it was Jay Menning (Peak Centre, Vancouver) who set the fastest time with a 37:54.8, following on form a strong performance last week and securing his position at the top of the Men’s Category A leaderboard. Three riders- Kit Wellburn (Peak Centre Vancouver), Shawn Willis (In Training- San Ramon) and Michael Holtz (Peak Centre Vancouver) managed to break the 39:00 mark, well done! Ryan Krauss (Natural High, Okotoks) and Alex Willis (University of Bath, Uk) closely followed setting times of 40:12.1 and 40:40.6 respectively. A few more times like those could see them break into the top 3! Bonus points were up for grabs during this ‘Sprint’ week and it was Ryan Krauss who took first place reaching a Peak Power of 14.36! Alex Willis took 2nd and Shawn Willis (no relation) placed 3rd with 9.8 and 8.76 Watts/Kg respectively.

In Women’s Cat A it was Suzanne Cordes (In Training, San Ramon) who stays on top, clocking a time of 44:58.1, meaning she has now opened up a 4 point gap between herself and Katrina Podmore (Natural High, Okotoks) in the General Classification. It was the three Ladies from Natural High- Shannon, Jennifer & Katrina who dominated the Sprint points podium, with Shannon Winslade producing a Peak Power of 12.36 Watts/Kg! In Women’ Cat B. Rebecca Yi continues In Training’s dominance at the top of the Women’s leaderboards, with a time of 45:41.8. She also took first place for the ‘Sprint Points’ reaching a Peak Power of 6.47 Watts/kg. Lucette LaFlamme (Peak Centre, Ottowa) had the 2nd best time this week and has now taken over the 2nd overall spot for Women’s Cat B.
In Men’s Cat B it was Joe Haimowitz (Peak Centre, Ottowa) who, with his first race of the season, finished in first place and set an impressive time of 41:08.3. Rick Cordes (In Training, San Ramon) continues his fine form with a 2nd place finish, followed by Brad Marsh (Peak Centre, Ottowa).  Although he didn’t make the podium this week, Trevor Lockwood (Natural High, Okotoks) claimed the Sprint points, reaching 13.23 Watts/kg. His friends at Natural High, Dan Giberson and Brent Robinson produced the 2nd and 3rd highest Peak Power outputs with 12.99 and 11.39 Watts/kg respectively. Could this see Natural High dominate the sprint stages?

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