Stage 1 Report 7th October

As the summer is evidently drifting away, we are seeing riders head indoors and compete in the fiercely competitive racing series that will run for the next 12 weeks.  The Fall Indoor Racing Series kicked off with the Original Time Trial this week, so let’s see who came out on top!

In the Men’s category; Ryan Krauss (Natural High) was the only athlete to break the 40 minute mark with a 39:31. The question is will he be able to keep that number 1 position secured for the rest of the series? We will see… One thing is for sure, riders will be working hard to chase him in the coming weeks. Little separated second and third placed riders this week, as Brent Robinson (Natural High) and Colin Kelly (Peak Ottawa) were separated by only 8 seconds, with 40:08 and 40:16 respectively. With all riders finishing within 10 minutes of the fastest competitor it’s sure to be a closely contested fall series.

In the Women’s race, Andrea Giles (EnduReno) led the women with an impressive time of 45:14. It was Laurie Gorman (Peak Ottawa) who followed with 45:14 and in third was fellow EnduReno athlete Britta Samuels (48:15). The women’s race will be interesting to watch throughout the series as the athletes from EnduReno work together to keep those top positions.

That’s it for this week’s round up! Good luck with stage 2, riders!

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