Stage 4 Race Report – 28th October

Another thrilling week of racing has been completed.  With the entry of even more new riders in this week’s Net Downhill Stage, it made the racing more exciting and competitive.

In the Men’s category, It was Mark Sherboneau (Peak Ottawa, 34.54.2) who clinched the top spot this week, with a 20 second winning margin over second place athlete Ryan Krauss (Natural High, 35.14.9), who produced yet another solid performance to make the podium in every stage so far. Rounding of the top three was Alex Stewart (Peak Ottawa, 36.30.6).

In the General Classification standings, Ryan Krauss continuous performance has meant he has accumulated a 25 point lead in the GC with 72 points, Brent Robinson (Natural High) is in second with 49 points and in joint third are Jeff Orr (Endurance Reno) and Colin Kelly (Peak Ottawa) both with 47 points so far.

In the Women’s race, this week saw a change in the podium positions. With every week so far being dominated by Endurance Reno riders, it was exciting to see some new names clinching the top spots.  Debra Brown (Toguri Training, 38.29.2) narrowly took first position over fellow Toguri Training athlete Michelle Paiement (38.29.5) in almost a dead heat. In third position this week was new rider Janet Dukowski (Peak Vancouver, 39.41.15), who despite suffering from a puncture in the last 2km was determined to finish the race. It’s this gut and determination that will make for an thrilling series. With all three riders finishing within 1:15 minutes of each other, the following weeks racing look like an exciting prospect.

In the GC, Endurance Reno athletes Andrea Giles and Britta Samuels share the top spot with 57 points each. Natalie Tasker (Peak Ottawa) is now in third positon with 41 points. However, this could all change in the next few stages.

Once again great racing this week and good luck with next week’s Uphill Mountain stage.  Who will be crowned King and Queen of the Mountain?

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