Stage 2: Hilly (KOM)

With stage 2 involving the chance to earn the first points for the King/Queen of the Mountains (KOM) competition it was sure to be competitive this week.

On the men’s side Cat A men saw Chris Carr (Cycling studio) take pole position in a time of 39:14.6 in his first outing of the series. In second position was Peak Ottawa’s Bob Cimon in 40:54 and rounding of the podium was Ryan Krauss (Natural High) with 41:09.

With points awarded for the highest Average Watts/Kg in KOM, Chris Carr also took the lead (4.05W/kg), Rob Johnston (Peak Vancouver; 3.5W/Kg) took second and Paul Comeau (Peak Ottawa; 3.5W/kg) came joint second.

In the GC competition this week saw Ryan Krauss (Natural High) take top position with 30 points, Rob Johnston (Peak Vancouver) hold onto second with 27 points and Bob Cimon (Peak Ottawa) is currently in third with 22 points to his name.

In category B, Paul Hefler (Peak Ottawa; 43:32) took first place this week, with fellow Peak Ottawa athlete Glen Budgell in second with 43:39 and Dan Giberson (Natural High) close behind in 43:44.

The KOM saw Dan Giberson (Natural High) take a demanding victory with 3.23 W/kg, with Peak Ottawa athletes Glen Budgell (3.03W/kg) and Pat Stewart (3.02W/kg) taking the other top spots.

In the Cat B GC competition, Paul Hefler (Peak Ottawa) lies in first with 37 points achieved, Dan Giberson (Natural high) is in second currently with 35 and Darrin Grace (Peak Ottawa) has recorded 27 points so far.

In the women’s competition, the hilly course saw a new leader this week in Laura Aykroyd (Cycling studio; 41:42), with regular champion Janet Dukowski (Peak Vancouver;42:53) knocked into a very respectable second. Rounding off the podium was Calah Wright (Peak Ottawa) in 44:02.

The QOM points saw Janet (3.81W/kg) back on top, with Laura (3.75W/kg) coming in second and Carol Deavy (Peak Ottawa; 3.57W/kg) rounding out the top ladies.

On the GC side, Janet holds onto the top podium position with a total of 37 points, Calah wright (Peak Ottawa) is in second with 32 and Suzanne Cordes (IN-Training) is currently third with 24 points so far.

Great racing again this week.


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