Stage 5: Net Downhill

 Stage 5 of the Winter Indoor Racing Series is always a quick one and this year was no exception! A long course kept finishing times higher than usual but top speeds were through the roof!

In the men’s A category, it was a win for Peak Ottawa’s Mark Sherboneau being the only rider this week clocking in a sub 40 minute time (39:26). Even Cycling Studio’s Chris Carr couldn’t match Mark’s huge performance, coming in at 40 minutes on the dot for a well-deserved 2nd place. The ever consistent Ryan Krauss of Natural High took 3rd place in 40:45 ahead of Peak Vancouver’s Rob McLachlan (41:20) who is still searching for his first podium finish.

The GC has seen a great push by Chris Carr to take a 9 point lead (74 points) with Ryan Krauss and Mark Sherboneau sharing 2nd position with 65 points each. Rob Johnston sits in 4th place a little way behind but is by no means out of the podium race just yet – remember its 9 stages total, not 5! Bob Cimon (Peak Ottawa) rounds up the top 5 with 50 points.

The men’s B stage result was a great one this week with Scott Moon taking the stage win away from last week’s winner Paul Heffler by just 4 seconds (42:54 and 42:58 respectively)! Peak Ottawa’s Glen Budgell took third place with 43:11 to drop one place from last week’s finish but still a solid top 3 performance. Natural high’s consistent Dan Giberson took 4th place (43:18) this week to also drop one place from last week’s position; however 12 points is a valuable addition to his GC total.

The men’s B GC competition has been turned up yet another notch this week.  Paul Heffler has regained his lead (79 points), 2 points ahead of Dan Giberson with 77 points. Glen Budgell is close behind on 72 points to separate the top 3 by just 7 points! Scott Moon (The Cycle Studio, 59 points) and Darren Grace (Peak Ottawa, 51 points) sit in 4th and 5th place but everything could change next week.

The women’s stage result must be the closest we’ve ever seen in the indoor racing series! The Cycle Studio’s Laura Aykroyd took her 4th win in a row in a time of 42:28.0, just 0.6 seconds ahead of Peak Ottawa’s Calah Wright (42:28.6)!! Calah has finished 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 2nd up to now and another fine 2nd place confirms her as a force to be reckoned with. The Cycling Studio is on fine form at the moment with Shea Rankin producing her best finish yet in 3rd place (43:42). Peak Vancouver’s Janet Dukowski slipped to 4th this week in 43:55.

The GC result has stayed in Janet Dukowski’s favour… just! We thought the stage result was close but the GC points competition is even better! Just 1 point separate the top 3 (Janet Dukowski, 81 points; Calah Wright, 81 points; Laura Aykroyd, 80 points) and we can’t wait to see what will happen next week. Carol Deavy of Peak Ottawa (56 points) and Suzanne Cordes of In Training (49 points) round up the top 5.

Good luck all for next week’s Hilly course where more KOM points are available!

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