Stage 10: Plateaus and Climbs (Sprint)

This week’s stage was the final of three sprint stages this winter and meant that we have our first competition rounded up!

In the A men’s stage results, Chris Carr regained his mark as stage victor with a narrow 3 second victory (37:38) over Peak Vancouver’s Jay Menning (37:41). Can’t win them all Jay! Third place went to Bob Cimon of Peak Ottawa in 38:24, his first podium place of the series! Fourth place and making it two Peak Vancouver riders in the top 5 was Rob McLachlan in 38:26. Rounding up the top 5 was Ryan Krauss of Natural High in 39:00.

In the men’s B stage race, Scott Moon took the victory in the closest B race we’ve seen this year! His winning time of 41:17 beat Natural High’s Dan Giberson by just 4 seconds (41:21) and new comer Siavash Atighetchi by 6 seconds (Peak Ottawa, 41:23)!! Talk about a close top 3. Fourth place went to Peak Ottawa’s Paul Heffler in 41:55 and the top 5 was concluded by team mate Glen Budgell in 42:27.

In the men’s GC standings, Chris Carr leads with 146 points, 2 points ahead of Jay Menning (144) now that riders begin to accumulate only the top 9 performances. Third place and not far behind is Mark Sherboneau with 141 points.

The men’s B GC standings is led by Scott Moon with 159 points, 6 points ahead of Paul Heffler (153 points) and a further 11 points ahead of third placed rider Dan Giberson (142 points).

The power house that is Ryan Krauss (no rhyme intended) smashed another sprint stage with 16.11 W/kg, but not by much this time! Second place was Chris Carr in another monster peak power to weight ratio of 15.27 W/kg, with third place being taken by Brent Robinson with 11.56 W/kg. That means that Ryan Krauss has become this season’s first competition winner! He has taken the win in every sprint stage with 60 points total. Second place goes to Brent Robinson with a solid set of 2nd, 3rd and 3rd to total 47 points. Jay Menning has taken 3rd place with 36 points.

The men’s B stage sprint results show a very similar story to the men’s A! Natural High’s Dan Giberson came first with a huge 13.76 peak W/kg, nearly 4 Watts ahead of 2nd placed rider Ryan Gilchrist (8.93 W/kg). Third place went to Peter Kreuk (Peak Vancouver) with 7.23 W/kg. Just like team mate Ryan Krauss, Dan Giberson has taken the overall win with the full 60 points on offer, 22 points ahead of second placed rider Peter Kreuk (38 points) and a further 4 points ahead of Keith Oattes (34 points) who rounds up the top 3.

On the women’s side, Laura Aykroyd (The Cycle Studio) bounced back to take her 6th stage victory in 39:43. Peak Vancouver’s Janet Dukowski had an excellent ride to finish 2nd in 40:25, 55 seconds ahead of last week’s stage winner and 3rd placed rider Calah Wright (Peak Ottawa, 41:30). Fourth place went to Carol Deavy who had a strong ride to finish in 43:20 and 5th place was rounded up by Laurie Gorman (Peak Ottawa) in 43:48.

Wow, are the GC standings close or what! This is turning out to be quite the competition where we have a joint 1st place! Calah Wright and Laura Aykroyd share the lead with 154 points but they can’t just worry about each other, Janet Dukowski sits just 6 points behind in third place with her speciality of the mountain stage coming up next week. Fourth place is held by Laurie Gormon with 89 points and fifth is Carol Deavy just behind with 87 points.

This week’s sprint victory went to Janet Dukowski with a huge 7.17 peak W/kg! Second place was secured by Angela Beau with 5.77 W/kg and third place was taken by Carol Deavy with 5.58 W/kg. We have our first female competition winner and it’s the sprint queen Carol Deavy. Her total of 49 points was enough to win by 15 points from silver medalist Lisa Sachsalaber with 34 points, and 19 points from third place finisher Janet Dukowski (30 points).

Well done everyone for keeping the series such an exciting affair. Just two stages to go before your well-deserved rest! Up next, the uphill mountain stage and time to settle up another thrilling competition, KOM!

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