Stage 7: Rolling (Sprint)

Stage 7 was the second instalment of the sprint category and some huge power to weight ratios were posted! Let’s have a look at this week’s results.

In the men’s A category, Jay Menning claimed his 2nd win in a row (35:43) with a 20 second win over The Cycle Studio’s Chris Carr (36:03). Just 4 seconds behind was Peak Ottawa’s Mark Sherboneau (36:07), fourth place was team mate Bob Cimon (37:05) and Jeff Frizzell (The Cycle Studio, 37:33) rounded up the top 5.

The men’s B category saw a great win for Scott Moon (The Cycle Studio) in 38:36, nearly a minute ahead of closest rival Darrin Grace of Peak Ottawa (39:20). Rounding up the podium was the ever consistent Dan Giberson (Natural High, 39:32).

The men’s A Sprint competition was an interesting one! Ryan Krauss (Natural High) finished slightly below his usual standard in the overall race but smashed the field with a phenomenal 16.26 W/kg! Second place was Chris Carr with 14.57 W/kg and third was Brent Robinson with a respectable 11.45 W/kg. In the overall Sprint standings, Ryan Krauss commands with 2 out of 2 wins giving him an 8 point lead (40 points) over Natural High team mate and rival Brent Robinson (32 points).

We don’t know what they feed them over at Natural High but it sure does result in some power! The men’s B Sprint competition was won by Ryan Krauss’ team mate Dan Giberson in 13.59 W/kg, good enough for third overall! Second place was Peter Keuk of Peak Vancouver in 7.66 W/kg and third place was Glen Budgell (Peak Ottawa, 7.20 W/kg). Like Ryan Krauss, 2 wins for Dan Giberson puts him firmly in the driver’s seat to take the win in the Sprint competition. His 40 points sits 11 points ahead of second placed rider Keith Oattes (Peak Ottawa, 29 points) and 17 points ahead of third placed Peter Kreuk (Peak Vancouver, 23 points).

In the men’s A GC standings, Chris Carr remains in a commanding lead with 108 points ahead of Mark Sherboneau (92 points), Ryan Krauss (89 points) and the fast approaching Jay Menning (87 points). Once the accumulative total of the best 9 stages comes, things will get very interesting.

Paul Heffler still leads the men’s B GC standings with 109 points ahead of Dan Giberson in second place and 102 points; the only two men breaking the 100 mark so far. In joint third pace are Scott Moon (moving up after his victory) and Glen Budgell, both on 96 points.

On the women’s side, there were a few big names un-seen from the week’s results. In their absence, Shea Rankin of The Cycle Studio took her first big win in a huge time of 38:40, good enough for 11th place in the overall men’s race! Second place was Suzanne Cordes (In-Training) in a solid 41:35 and just behind and rounding up the top three was Elizabeth Gold (Fast Lab, 41:46).

The Sprint competition was won by stage winner Shea Rankin who showed great power with a peak power to weight ratio of 6.68 W/Kg! Having to settle for second place by the smallest of margins was Carol Deavy with 6.67 W/Kg and third place was Elizabeth Gold with 5.10 W/Kg. The overall Sprint standings are a little closer on the women’s side than the men’s – Carol Deavy (Peak Ottawa) sits in pole position with 34 points, 5 points ahead of team mate Lisa Sachsalaber (29 points). Third place is this week’s stage winner Shea Rankin (20 points and only one stage!).

As the three main contenders all missed this week’s action, the top of the standings hasn’t changed at all. Shea Rankin has made a big leap up to 6th place after her win and Suzzane Cordes makes it a top 5 as well.

Next week is the return of the original time trial and we’re expecting some fast times and plenty of series personal bests. Good luck!

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