About Us

Our Story

We are Canada’s leader in individualized training solutions. Whether you exercise for performance improvements, health or fitness, you are driven by results. We too are driven by results, because your success is our goal.

We all have goals. In sport, health, family, careers, or life. The best way to achieve these goals is through measurable objectives. Small steps taken towards large accomplishments. But what is that first step? In the performance, health and fitness fields, we are unique in that we provide you with an accurate, objective, knowledge-based starting point for your fitness. We have the ability to measure your current fitness level, track improvements and validate your training regimen.


How can I perform better? i.e. Run faster? Cycle longer? Lose weight? At what intensity should I exercise to achieve such goals? What heart rate do I use? Where is my anaerobic threshold? How many calories am I using during exercise? How do I put all the information together for optimal results?

Predictions, equations, norms, heart rate charts and guesstimates do not provide you with the individual goal oriented information you need for you to reach your objectives in the most effective and efficient manner. We offer personalized sport-specific assessments designed to eliminate guesswork and help you achieve your sport and/or fitness goals.

We have achieved our National Fitness Appraisal Certification and Accreditation by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) which sets the standards of practice by which we follow. This ensures that all clients from National and professional team and fitness enthusiasts and athletes from all levels receive accurate, valid, and reliable data regarding their physiology.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the leading provider of exercise science services to all individuals and teams. We aim to research, educate, and deliver innovative, proven and applicable exercise solutions. We are dedicated to building long term relationships through our specialized, customer-focused, high quality services. Through qualitative individual analysis we have the unique ability to provide the client with a specific exercise evaluation and the appropriate solution in an effort to maximize the benefits of exercise for:

  • maximal athletic performance
  • recreational and fitness participation, or
  • health related issues

The Peak Centre will provide this through a variety of proven:

  • services
  • information and education
  • products

We provide each client with an individualized needs assessment which takes into account personal goals as well as your activity requirements.

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