Blood Chemistry Analysis

What is Blood Chemistry Analysis?

Blood chemistry analysis indicates levels of key performance indicators that are important for general health and athletic performance.  This involves measuring your hematological profile to determine whether levels of important blood ingredients such as hemoglobin, ferritin and testosterone are within the desired ranges.  Sub-optimal concentrations can be detrimental to health and performance, possibly indicating overtraining and/or dietary deficiency.  An optimal blood chemistry profile is even more vital for athletes to ensure their body is working at its most optimal level so they are getting the most out of their training.   From the analysis of your blood chemistry profile the Peak Centre will explain the influence that these markers play on your performance such as oxygen transport, growth and repair and immune function and therefore any areas of potential concern.

What will a blood chemistry analysis tell me?

Blood chemistry analysis with the Peak Centre will give you information on the following:

  • Complete Blood Count – measures your blood composition (hematocrit), red blood cells (oxygen carriers), white blood cells (immune function), platelets (blood clotting) and plasma
  • Hemoglobin – the protein that carries oxygen from the lungs to all tissues in the body
  • Immune function – white blood cells (leukocytes) fight infection
  • Ferritn – responsible for binding oxygen to hemoglobin
  • Testosterone – stimulates the release of erythropoietin (EPO) which in turn stimulates red blood cell production and growth
  • Vitamin D – influences 10% of all genes in your body and is known to impact many diseases such as cancer and diabetes. High levels of training have been known to depress immune function so it is important to ensure Vitamin D levels remain high to avoid illness, even during the winter months


You can gain all the information on your blood chemistry profile with a referral from the Peak Centre. Included in the cost is an in-depth consultation where the meaning of your data will be explained. One of our exercise physiologists will explain how your results compare to not only the general population from a health perspective, but also on an athletic level and how this influences your individual performance. You will then be advised on any improvements that should be made through adjustments to training, diet and/or supplementation.

 Our Packages Include: 

Haemotology profile, ferritin (iron), testosterone, vitamin D testing &
consultation: $225 + tax

Haemotology profile, ferritin (iron), testosterone testing & consultation:
$165 + tax.

Consultation only: $95 + tax

Consultation only for Peak Centre Training Program Clients: $75 + tax

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