Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fitness assessment?

A fitness assessment is a method of measuring your body’s specific response to exercise. It provides you with a benchmark of your current fitness level.

Who should have an assessment?

Anyone who is seriously committed to improving their overall fitness and/or sporting performance should have an assessment.

Why would I need an assessment?

The assessment measures your body’s response to exercise and provides specific information that will:

  • Eliminate the guesswork from your training by knowing the EXACT intensities at which you need to exercise to achieve your goals;
  • Ensure that every hour you put into your training is effectively helping you to achieve your goals;
  • Track training improvements over time.

How do I use this information in my training?

Our team of exercise physiologists is committed to educating and providing each individual with the tools needed to succeed. Each assessment is accompanied by a consultation to explain your results and discuss the option of formulating a training plan. We are North America’s leader in the development of individual training solutions. Whatever your sport or goal may be, we have a training solution for you!

What does a direct fitness assessment measure?

The assessments conducted at our facility allow us to measure a body’s response to exercise at different levels of effort. Depending on the type of test selected (based on your needs), we can evaluate your:

  • Aerobic fitness;
  • Heart rate response;
  • Lactate response;
  • Amount of calories used at varying exercise intensities;
  • Anaerobic fitness.

If I do not live near a Peak Centre, can I still have my fitness assessed?

Yes. Off-site assessments are available, and can be completed in the comfort of your own home or in a club setting.

Are the Peak Centre Training Plans designed only for elite athletes or people involved in sport?

No. We have a diverse range of individuals who follow training programs under our guidance. Regardless of whether you goals are related to sport, lifestyle or weight-loss, we have personalized training solutions for everyone.

Why do I need a training plan?

If you are serious about achieving your goals, a properly developed training plan will eliminate the guesswork from your training. At the Peak Centre we use modernized training principles and exercise science to develop training programs that are geared for success.

How long do training plans last?

Every plan is dependent on the individual. Sport specific or general fitness plans are offered on a month-by-month basis or, if you are training for long term results, we offer the option of joining our specialized 6 or 12 month programs.

When you are designing my training plan, how will you know how hard or easy I should exercise?

It’s simple. Prior to the designing of any plan, we recommend that everyone undergo a fitness assessment. With this information we are able to design plans that are specific, goal oriented and tailored to each individual.

If I do not live near a Peak Centre, can I still have a plan developed?

Yes. Training plans can be developed for athletes and individuals through our on-line training services on our website.

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