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Are you tired of ineffective exercise programs? Our very successful exercise training plans come from our leading ability to integrate your individual fitness information into your workout regimen. The Peak Centre’s philosophy and programs are based on a strong scientific foundation and are built to provide you with optimal exercise strategies to meet your goals. Through years of research and applied practice we have developed the best conditioning programs available. Whether you wish to participate in a 5km run, hike up a mountain with your family, prepare for the ski season, improve your general fitness or lose 20lbs, we have a customized solution for you. We can also help businesses who are interested in more productive, healthy employees.

General Fitness with Peak Centre VancouverBy directly measuring several of your fitness variables, we obtain a ‘snapshot’ of your current physical condition, which we then use to develop your exercise plan. Such a scientific, individualized approach ensures that you aren’t training too much or too little, too light or too hard. It also helps you to make the most of your time. Results are achieved by following measurable steps. Create your own customized PEAK fitness program from all our available services and products. To make it simpler, we have developed “ready-made” programs for specific activities/sports and goals.

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