Fitness Programs


  • Access to a highly qualified staff
  • An innovative approach to training developed by Prof Al Reed.
  • An outline of your specific exercise intensities for maximal benefits.
  • State of the art technology and expertise available to all clients.
  • A more focused approach to achieving results, not just testing!!
  • The ability to measure results; “eliminates all the guess work”.
  • Provision of individualized training plans.
  • Education of all clients through a consultation process.
  • Access to the latest research on fitness and related health issues.

Assessments May Include

  • Measurement of Oxygen Consumption, E.g. VO2Max testing
  • Measurement of lactic acid
  • Measurement of heart rate
  • Measurement of calories and carbohydrate utilization during exercise
  • Lactic clearance is measured to assess your ability to recover from a bout of exercise
  • Development of 5 aerobic training zones, tailor-made for YOU!
  • In-depth consultation with one of our accredited sport scientists
  • Optional: Body Composition, Flexibility, Movement Screens
  • Activity-specific 3 month training plan

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