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Peak Centre Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment

What is Resting Metabolic Rate?

Your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is the amount of energy your body uses during rest, measured in calories.

How is RMR Used?

Knowing how many calories your body needs in a day is essential to weight loss.  Any caloric deficit will result in weight loss but the type of weight lost determines whether the weight loss will be a long term change or the weight will be likely be regained once you return to a normal caloric intake.

With most calorie restrictive diets, the body will shed a combination of muscle and fat.  As the body loses muscle your daily caloric requirement drops.  Most diets fail in the end because losing good weight (muscle mass) and the resulting decrease in your daily caloric requirement, makes it increasingly difficult to keep the weight off when you return to a normal caloric intake.  This results in the yo-yo effect we associate with dieting.

By keeping your daily caloric intake 10-15% below your daily caloric requirement helps ensure your weight loss is fat loss.  Tracking RMR every couple of months gives us a window into the type of weight you are losing.  An increase in RMR tells us you are maintaining or increasing your lean muscle mass and the weight loss is fat loss.  A decrease in RMR tells us you are losing your lean muscle mass in your weight loss.

How do we Measure your RMR?

This assessment is be done early in the morning, takes about 40 minutes and involves lying down while breathing through the metabolic cart head gear.  At the Peak Centre we only use medical grade equipment to ensure the highest accuracy for your results.  The Peak Centre is one of only 5 Nationally Accredited Fitness Appraisal Centres in British Columbia.


One of our experienced Exercise Physiologists will go over the results of the assessment and explain how to use them to get greater health and fitness improvements from your training.


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