Online Coaching

In addition to our on-site assessments, coaching and training facility, we also offer the same services online! This is a great opportunity for people who do not have direct access to a PEAK Centre training facility to receive the benefits of the PEAK Training System.

Imagine if your fitness could be assessed and trained in the comfort of your own home? Whether you’re training for an elite sport, or the development of general fitness, our programs are scientifically designed, tested and tailored for each individual.

One of the unique aspects of the PEAK Training Program is our Satellite Testing and Training services. Through PEAK Centre Lactate Kits we are able to offer our services to those located throughout Canada. Included on the PEAK Centre Lactate Kit are detailed instructions on how to precisely perform the assessment; from what wattages to start the assessment at, to how to take the fingertip blood samples. After completing the assessment, the blood samples are sent via FedEx to the Peak Centre in Vancouver, Canada for analysis using their state-of-the-art medical blood lactate analyzer (a highly accurate, medical grade instrument which provides reliable, repeatable results – not to be confused with low cost, portable lactate analyzers which are often inaccurate).

Peak Centre exercise physiologists precisely determine your five Aerobic Zones, which are then used to design your training program according to your individual needs and goals. Whether you are an individual training as a first timer, or an established club or team looking for a proven system of training to offer your members, the PEAK Centre Training Program will get you to where you want to go… FAST.


Assessments only = $50 (+tax) for 3 kits – allowing you to do 3 assessments on your own and then send us the samples you have collected for medical grade analysis.

Training Program = $199 (+tax) per month (single sport) and $239 (+tax) per month (multi sport) – this includes the sample kits and then based on the samples you have sent us, we would also create a training program for you to follow each month. You would be in regular contact with one of our Exercise Physiologists via phone, email, garmin connect, training peaks etc. to discuss how the training is coming along and your schedule/program would be adjusted accordingly to ensure you are reaching your goals.

Contact us to get started and soon you could be POWERED by PEAK!

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