Peak Centre Interns

Every year the Peak Centre welcomes interns from the University of Bath in England and this year the Peak Centre has its first student from Loughborough University. The interns are 3rd year Sport and Exercise Science students and the placement year is a fantastic opportunity for them to apply the knowledge they have acquired at University, while gaining valuable experience of the sport and exercise industry. The internship is 12 months long and is primarily focused on exercise physiology, giving the interns an opportunity to hone their lab skills and further their understanding of how the results can be applied to training in order to improve performance. An internship with the Peak Centre gives invaluable experience into how the exercise physiology applies in the ‘real world’. After the 12 months in Vancouver, the interns return to their respective Universities to complete their degrees before embarking on further study, working life or further travelling! Over the year you will see a lot of our interns, so please say hello and give them a warm welcome.  Here is a bit of info on the current batch and the others that have been with us in the past.


Holly & Ifan: Current Interns

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    Holly Mammatt – “Hi, I’m Holly! I live in the beautiful countryside of Northamptonshire, in a small village of about 50 people. Moving to Vancouver is a big change but I can’t wait to explore the city! My main competitive sport is football (soccer), so hopefully I’ll find a team to play for throughout the year. I’m a huge skier and snowboarder so really can’t wait to head up to the hills and put the planks on! My athletic goal for the year is to complete the Vancouver marathon (my first!). Come in to The Peak Centre, say hi and have an assessment with me!”


    Ifan Roberts – “Hi, I’m Ifan and I’m from a small village in North Wales. I’m a keen endurance sport athlete where I have previously competed in triathlons, duathlons and cycling races. During my time in Vancouver I am hoping to compete in as many races as possible. I’m also the first Peak Centre intern from Loughborough University. I’m really excited to be here and experience the best scenery Vancouver has to offer. I look forward to meeting you all, please drop into the Peak Centre and say hi”



    Kayleigh, Lauren & Sindy: 2016-2017

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      Kayleigh Fraser – “I’m from a small town in the South East of England, Frimley, with a population of just over 6,000 people! Whilst cricket is my main focus sport I am always looking to try out new skills so I am looking at joining a local softball team to mix things up a little. My aim for this year is to take advantage of the trail runs and beautiful scenery to work on my aerobic fitness. My overall goal is to train for and complete my first ever half marathon by the end of my stay. I have high expectations so can’t wait to see what this year holds for me and look forward to developing my knowledge and skills with the Peak Centre. Don’t be afraid to come and say hi if you see me around!”

      Kayleigh Fraser


      Lauren Kay – “Hi, I’m Lauren and I’m from Nottingham in England, I play football or soccer as you call it over here, I also love to run I have completed many charity runs and have completed a half marathon, I hope to complete more races whilst I am in Vancouver. When I’m not playing sports I enjoy travelling and I can’t wait to explore Vancouver! Please come in to the peak centre and say hi!”




      Sindy Probert : “Enveloped in the hills of the South West of England… I’m from the city of BRISTOL! Home of Bristol City Football Club!! (or soccer as you call it here). My main sport is Netball, similar to basketball, however the rules, equipment and team members are slightly different.  I am determined to find a Netball club here in Vancouver, and also join a softball or soccer team. I’m so excited to be here and experience the amazing scenery Vancouver has to offer, and advance my knowledge and abilities in Sport and Exercise Science with the help from the Peak Centre.  I’ve also set myself the challenge to complete my first ever half marathon; with the other interns (this could be interesting).  I look forward to meeting you all, and feel free to pop in and say hi anytime!”

      Sindy Probert

      Carsten and Hattie: 2015-2016

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        Carsten Adams – “I’m from rainy Gloucestershire in England, so Vancouver is not too much of a move! (I keep telling myself…). This is my first time outside of Europe, and so I am very excited about my year ahead of me with Peak Centre. I have a background in competitive track and field, focusing on the 400m/800m events. I represented Cheltenham Harriers for many years back in the UK, and will be training with Thunderbird Track and Field Club this year. Who knows, I may even be talked in to doing the BMO Marathon that everyone talks about! (only 50 times longer than main event, what could go wrong?). Come and say hi when ever you like!

        carsten picture



        Hattie Rogers: ” I have been involved in sport in some capacity for as long as I can remember. I come from a swimming background and soon found an interest in running and for many years combined the two, through Biathles and even Steeplechase! More recently I have been training and competing in Triathlon. I have also played many team sports, such as field hockey during my time at high school. I am really looking forward to gaining valuable experience through my time at Peak, as well as exploring Vancouver. Look forward to meeting you!

        Hattie picture

        Paul: 2014-2015

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          Paul Maas –  After leaving the Peak Centre in Vancouver, I finished my final year of University in Bath and went on to intern for the Freeride World Tour (a backcountry skiing/snowboarding competition series) as an Athlete & Operations Coordinator. It was a great experience that allowed me to travel to competitions throughout Europe, helping with the organisation of the events, as well as taking care of the 50 pro riders on the Tour.

          Following the internship, I went travelling through South America for 2 months – one of the coolest experiences of my life…highly recommend! I am now studying a Masters degree in International Sport Management at the University College for Football Business in London, England. My lectures take place inside the iconic Wembley Stadium, which still feels surreal to me! I’m still playing soccer on a regular basis and after completing the Vancouver Marathon, I also completed my first half marathon (the Bath Half).

          Looking back at my time at the Peak Centre, I can’t help but think how valuable the experience was for the rest of my studies and my future career. My lab skills improved drastically, which helped immensely for data collection during lab sessions in my final year. But more importantly for me, the time spent with clients made me realise that I want to work closely with athletes within the sports industry…in what kind of capacity, remains to be seen!

          Hopefully I will be back in Vancouver for a visit sometime soon!

          Tom & Georgie: 2013-2014

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            Tom O’Sullivan – ‘Post Peak and graduating I went on to do an MSc in Human Movements Science (basically Sport and Exercise Science) at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. It was great to live in another country again, although it was completely different to life in Vancouver! I have now just started a PhD in muscle metabolism at Leicester University back in the UK. The experience in the lab at Peak played a big role in my decision to continue studying human physiology and also helped with the applications!

            Outside of work I still enjoy all of the sports I was doing in Vancouver. I also finally managed to remain injury free while training for a marathon and completed one in the UK not long after coming home! I hope everyone at Peak is well and I’ll be back one day!’

            Tom pic

            Georgie Wood – ‘ Living in Vancouver for the year whilst working at the Peak Centre, I fell in love with the mountains and so after I graduated from the University of Bath I went on to do a Ski Season as a Chalet Host in the French Alps. It was lots of fun and I enjoyed it so much that I have decided to delay getting a real job for another year and do another a Ski Season but this time in Austria – if it was a bit easier to get a visa, I think I would have most definitely come back to Canada for this winter!

            Once back from my Ski Season next year, I am planning on doing a bit of travelling and then will hopefully start my MSc in Nutrition and Dietetics in September 2017. My year at the Peak Centre was an amazing experience, where I learnt so much and had the opportunity to meet some great people. Also, I loved living in such an awesome part of the world and if given the opportunity I would like to return to Vancouver in the future!!’



            Felix: 2012-2013

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              My year in Vancouver with the Peak Centre has helped to shape my work, studies and most of the rest of my life since I got the chance to work with Mike, Lewis and all the wonderful clients at the Peak Centre a few years ago. The skills, knowledge and, most importantly, work ethic that I learned as the Peak Centre Intern have provided me with the perfect platform to continue to develop within the world of cycling now I am back in the UK.

              Using the skills I had learnt in the lab in Vancouver and based on various discussions with training program clients over the year, I completed my final year project on the effect of warm-up intensity on cycling time trial performance. I now work for the local authority, giving adults and teenagers the chance to ride bikes and get more active. Through this role I have coached everyone from unemployed sixteen year olds who have just finished school to people recovering from health issues such as brain tumours or diabetes. I have also been fortunate to be involved with the organisation of competitive bike racing in and around Bath including the support events for the Tour of Britain. I will be organising the British University Team Time Trial Championships in Spring 2016, with a view to also hosting the Hill Climb Championships later in the year.

              I have been Head Coach of the University of Bath Triathlon club since 2014 and had coached the Cycling Club the year before that, keeping my eye on performance-focused coaching as well as work in participation sport. I also am a coach for the Sulis Scorpions Youth Cycling Alliance in Bath, coach as part of Bath’s British Cycling Paracycling Hub and sit on the Regional Board for British Cycling.

              I still compete, mainly on the bike, including the Ras de Cymru this summer. I have never stopped using what I learned at Peak and have gone from strength the strength on the bike thanks to the ideas that I learned whilst in Vancouver.

              Felix recently completed an impressive challenge: climbing 8848m, the equivalent of Mount Everest, during a single day of hill reps in Bath! An article about his achievement was published in ‘CyclingPlus’. Read the full article here.

              Felix updated PP

              Adam & Alex: 2011-2012

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                Adam Brazil ‘My time in Vancouver with the Peak Centre was full of fantastic experiences and memories. Working for the Peak Centre provided a strong insight and understanding of exercise physiology in the practical setting, and I learnt a lot from working with Mike and Lewis. The amount of responsibility they gave us interns made the work that much more enjoyable, and I really felt like I could contribute to the company.  Since Peak I managed to graduate from Bath with a first class honours degree and have started a PhD in Sports Biomechanics at Cardiff Met University whilst working for the Welsh institute of Sport in a strength diagnostics role. The step into biomechanics was not what I planned, but without the experience gained at Peak, I would never have got the position. Outside of work I am still racing my small bike around man made tracks, and I’m still managing to pull in some good results. I will be racing in the world championships again this year, and hope to keep enjoying the BMX racing alongside my PhD.  Those who remember me will be surprised to hear that I ran a half marathon almost a year ago. I was stunned to pull in a sub 1hr 45 and secretly really enjoyed it… Possibly more on the cards in the future. Maybe I’ll be back to run Vancouver marathon in the years to come!’   Alex WIllis 2

                Alex Willis: ‘I returned to Bath and completed my dissertation on fuelling for endurance sports, specifically different strategies for runners and cyclists in terms of fuelling timings and source and eventually graduated in June 2013 with a 2:1.  After a few months of holidaying in Europe (in trav our old vw camper) and racing adventure races in the uk up to 2 days long…I got a job. I am currently working at The Altitude Centre in London. We deal with a mix of elite athletes and age groups, preparing them for sea level competition as well as high altitude adventure. The experience gained at Peak was the key to getting a job so quickly out of university. I would love to come back to Vancouver either permanently or for a visit. If you guys have any work going let me know!! Alex Willis

                Rob: 2010-2011

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                  Rob O’Loughlin: My year at the Peak Centre still ranks as one of the best of my life. I learnt a huge amount about sport science, endurance sports and myself during the year; it truly was an invaluable experience. Since leaving Peak I’ve graduated from the University of Bath with a 2:1 in Sport and Exercise Science and I am now studying medicine at King’s College London. It was while in Vancouver that I decided that I wanted to work in healthcare because I see exercise as a tool, probably the best one we have, for promoting health and improving people’s well-being. Aside from being a career-student I’m still racing triathlons with the aim of qualifying for the Olympic distance race at the world championships in Edmonton in August 2014. The photo is me suffering at the British Universities Duathlon champs last year (and yes I beat the guy in the GBR tri-suit). Rob O 2

                  Jamie, Aimee & Olivia: 2009-2010

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                    Jamie Chapman “Studying for 3/4 years of Sports and Exercise Science, working for a year at the Peak Centre all led me to….working with 6 year olds. Immediately after leaving University I worked at a children’s camp in the US and then went straight to work in a school in Moscow, Russia. I can honestly say I feel super privileged to have found a job which I absolutely love, for so many reasons. My year at Peak still ranks as the best year of my life, and if I had an opportunity to return to Vancouver I would jump at it. Many things have stuck with me from the year, none more than the amazing kindness and generosity of Canadian people and especially the staff and clients of Peak. Mike really does make the place seem like a family, and he really cares about everyone who comes through the doors. Sporting wise, I continue to play amateur football and still have many sporting goals left. I have yet to find a league where I look as good as when playing division 6 co-ed ‘soccer’ in Canada


                    Aimee Canham “After leaving Peak I graduated from Bath, and after spending a few months ‘enjoying life’, I moved to London to work as a Physiologist with Nuffield Health. Nuffield is a private healthcare company and my job involves completing a range of clinical testing. I also work with clients to develop interventions to promote a more healthier lifestyle and aid disease management. I am still training for and competing in many triathlon events, and since leaving Peak I have won my age group in the British Middle Distance Triathlon Championships and achieved 6th in the World Duathlon Championships. Despite qualifying for the European Triathlon Championships this year, I have decided to focus on longer distance racing and will be traveling to Slovakia to complete the Oravaman Triathlon.  This is an insanely hilly event over the half ironman distance and I am the only Brit on the start line! My goal is to complete an Ironman sometime in the near future, and although Ironman UK will be my first aim, Ironman Canada is definitely on the cards! Working at the Peak Centre was a fantastic experience, but the biggest highlights were meeting the people I did and living in an amazing part of the world!”


                    Olivia Noble I’m working in London as assistant to the EMEA Managing Director for the CFA Institute, which provides industry leading education programs and accreditation for investment professionals.  In the year and a half I’ve been here I’ve put my sports and health interests to good use having setup a run club at work, changed our food vendors to healthier, more wholesome options, and am back playing netball (two weeks ago we became our league champions!!)  This summer I’m doing the London to Brighton bike race and am studying sports nutrition further through an online course. At somepoint in the future I aim to return to the health or green sector, but for now am enjoying my role and London life! (Although I’ll always be fond of the outdoors  and active lifestyle which Vancouver offers!)


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                       Ian: 2007-2008

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                        Ian Cowburn Since graduating from the University of Bath I have been working toward my PhD in Kinesiology with a specialization in the psychosocial aspects of sport and physical activity at Michigan State University (Go Green!), graduating this August. Working with my advisor Dr. Dan Gould in the Institute for the Study of Youth Sport ( my research focus has been on the development of athletic talent and life skills in adolescent athletes, and the influence of parents in youth sport. I have also had the privilege of working with several local high school teams and one the of the MSU athletic teams as a mental skills coach,  I absolutely loved my time at Peak, along with Mike, Anita, and Brad, as was the staff at the time. I got so many great experiences at Peak, including all the trips out for races and testing (e.g., Comox), learning the testing and training protocols, living in and around Vancouver, and of course meeting the wonderful clients of Peak! I also got to run the Scotiabank half marathon, play waterpolo with Simon Fraser University, and do some open water swimming, all of which I have tried to keep going (with varying success). Peak was much smaller at the time, but it has been really fun watching Peak develop over the last few years and I hope to get back there again sometime in the near future. BBQ1

                        Intern Marathon Leaderboard!

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                          It has become somewhat of a tradition for Peak Centre Interns to participate in the annual Vancouver Marathon. A tough yet exciting challenge that gives them an insight into what it takes to be an endurance athlete!

                          *Tom was injured before the Vancouver Marathon but completed the Chester Marathon later that year

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