Football is an ‘intermittent’ sport with short periods of high intensity work and brief rest periods. An average play lasts just 5 seconds and these short bursts are fueled by the anaerobic energy systems making power, speed and agility important aspects of performance. However games can last over 3 hours, meaning there is also an aerobic component.

To meet the demands of a sport like football specific training is essential, as is frequent testing to track your progress. At the Peak Centre we provide specific Combine Testing that assess areas of fitness that are relevant to football. The assessment includes:

  • 225 lb bench press
  • 40 yard sprint
  • Medicine ball chest pass
  • Counter-movement vertical jump
  • Pro agility
  • 300 yard shuttle run
  • V02 Max and blood lactate assessment
  • Wingate test

Cost – $225 +tax

This comprehensive test assesses all aspects of fitness important to optimal performance in football so get in touch to start training at your best!

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