Soccer is classed as a ‘mixed interval sport’ as there are long periods of low intensity continuous movement interspersed with short periods of high intensity work. This combination of predominately aerobic exercise, quickly followed by anaerobic work over the course of 90 minutes requires a versatile athlete and unique training.

In order to train optimally to meet the demands of of the game, it is important to accurately assess sport specific fitness. At the Peak Centre we offer a Soccer Combine that measures a range of physical attributes relevant to soccer performance. The assessment includes:

  • Lactate zone test
  • VO2 max
  • Countermovement vertical jump
  • Standing long jump
  • Overhead medicine ball toss
  • 25 m sprint test

The information gained from the assessment can be used to create individualized training programs and also provides a reference point to measure future improvements.

Soccer Combine testing – $225 +tax



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