Training Program

Cost: $199 + tax per month (3 month minimum)

What is the Cycling Program?

The Cycling Program is an integrated, full service program that combines state of the art physical assessment, individualized exercise prescription, periodic performance review, hardware, software and analytical services. This program can be done at home or within a group environment at our training facility or outdoors.

Followed properly, this program will push your body to stress the necessary muscles for continued improvement by locking you into your individual training zones and ensuring quality training. No more wasted hours!!!

What will enrolling in the Peak Cycling Program do for you?

  • Increase leg power
  • Correct muscle imbalances through proper strength training
  • Master hills through specific hill climbing workouts
  • Perfect your pedal stroke by using CompuTrainer’s SpinScan analysis
  • Increase race pace
  • Increase performance threshold
  • Decrease recovery time
  • Add structure and guidance to your training
  • Increase overall SPEED!!!

Individual Training Zones: The Key to Performance Improvements

The Peak Centre’s Training System is designed to develop an athlete through specific, scientific and individual needs. Our physiologists do this through precise Training Zone determination. Each aerobic training zone is dedicated toward improving a specific aspect of performance.

Zones 1, 3 & 5 are specific physiological parameters that must be precisely trained for performance improvements.

Zones 2 & 4 are used for the development of specific needs depending on the intensity and duration requirements of the cycling event in which the athlete is involved (i.e. road racing, triathlon, mountain biking).

The key to determining training zones is accurate blood lactate analysis at several exercise intensity levels. Precision of intensity levels is guaranteed through the use of the most accurate cycling ergometer on the market, the CompuTrainer™. After thorough analysis of the assessment information, Peak Centre exercise physiologists can precisely determine an athlete’s individual aerobic training zones.

The Cycling Program includes:

  • Accurate lactate testing every 3 months
  • Development of Individual Training Zones (Watts and heart rate)
  • VO2 Max assessment
  • Energy usage analysis for race day nutrition planning
  • Monthly training program design
  • Periodized program progression
  • Program monitoring with experienced Peak Centre Exercise Physiologist
  • Pedal Stroke Analysis
  • Access to CompuTrainers, training facility and equipment
  • Nutritional analysis (additional cost)

To book an initial assessment or to find out more, contact us at 604-299-7959 or email us at 
Alternatively, head over to our online form to request a booking or ask any questions. 

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