Dryland Training

What is the Peak Rowing Dryland Program?

The Peak Centre Dryland Program is geared to rowers of all ages looking to dramatically improve the power you can generate in the boat and go faster on the water. The program consists of three weekly coached erg sessions, two optional monitored strength sessions and the latest sport science testing. We use state of the art lab testing to determine each individual’s strength and weaknesses to determine power level for the erg sessions so that we can ensure each and every workout is done at the intensities that are going to create the biggest improvements. We use reassessments at the mid point and the end point of the program to ensure we are seeing the improvements we expect to see and adjusting the training accordingly. Each workout session is coached by an expert coach to ensure workouts are done properly and monitor progress.

Masters Dryland [PDF] 
Junior Dryland [PDF]

Program Features:

      • Regular lactate testing to determine individual power and heart rate training zones
      • Workout are power based to eliminate guesswork from perceived exertion
      • Sessions are instructor led to provide proper workout progression
      • All classes use the Concept II Ergs – the industry gold standard in power based training ergs
      • Periodic performance testing (both lactate and functional) to measure progress and determine new training zones
      • Small class size to ensure instructors can provide the proper support and guidance
      • Technique work to improve stroke mechanics for increased efficiency.

This program is currently not running but it will hopefully be returning soon, so sign up to the newsletter (side bar to your left) to ensure you stay in the loop or contact us for further information.

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