Training Programs

Cost: $199 + tax per month (3 month minimum)

What is the Peak Rowing Program?

The goal of the Peak Centre rowing program is to make you faster on the water – period. We use the latest tools available to sport science to evaluate the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses relative to the demands of their level and design each workout so that they are targeting the areas of their fitness where we see the biggest improvements in power development. With the help of Jim Gardiner, our expert rowing coach, we can offer the best of both the sport science support and on-the-water technical support and the only program of it’s calibre in BC outside of the national team program.

Program Features:

  • Accurate aerobic system lactate testing every 3 months on the rowing erg
  • Anaerobic system testing to determine sprint capacity
  • Development of individual training zones (in watts and heart rate)
  • Customized monthly training program designed to fit into your on the water schedule
  • Custom strength and conditioning program
  • Periodized program progression to peak you for your key events
  • Program monitoring with experienced Peak Centre Exercise Physiologists and expert rowing Coach Jim Gardiner
  • Optional private coaching sessions, on the water stroke correction sessions, biomechanical video analysis

What sets us apart?

The specificity of how the programs are developed is the key. The Peak Training System (PTS) is used for all of our athletes. With proven success, this model is an integral part of performance improvements. We also have knowledgeable staff with years of experience dealing with rowing athletes. Heading our Peak Rowing Program is exercise physiologist; Ed McNeely. Ed is the physiologist and strength consultant for the Canadian National team. A position he has held since 1992. Not only does Ed know how to prepare rowers for the demands of international rowing but also as the physiologist for the Masters Rowing Association he knows what it takes to be a successful club and masters rower. Ed has written two books on training for rowing and writes the Basic Training and Research Review columns seen in Independent Rowing News.

One of the unique aspects of the Peak Centre Rowing Program is our Satellite Testing and Training services. Through Peak Centre lactate kits we are able to offer our services to those located throughout Canada. Many established rowing groups throughout North America are currently utilizing our specialized services as part of their rowing programs. Whether you are an individual training as a first timer, or an established rowing team looking for a proven system of training to offer your members, the Peak Centre Rowing Program will get you to where you want to go… FAST.

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