Training Program

Cost: $239 + tax per month (3 month minimum)

The sport of triathlon is unique in that an athlete must excel not in one sport, but in three sports: swimming, cycling, and running. Similarly, the sport of duathlon is a demanding one requiring a repeat performance in two sports: running, and cycling. The duration of the events combined with the need to train for more than one sport, dictates that training volume becomes high. This being the case, we recognize the importance of designing programs that take into consideration the physical demands of all disciplines, and plan each program accordingly.

With limited training time available to most individuals, training quality is essential. Peak Centre has a Triathlon and Duathlon Training Program aimed at optimizing training time, while at the same time optimizing training adaptation in all three sports.

The Multi-Sport Program includes all of the benefits of the Peak Running program and the Cycling program:

  • Accurate blood lactate bike and run testing every 3 months
  • Development of individual training zones for cycling and running
  • VO2 Max assessment for cycling and running
  • Energy usage analysis for race day nutrition planning
  • Training program design including strength and flexibility
  • Periodized program progression
  • Program monitoring with one of the PEAK Centre’s experienced Exercise Physiologists
  • Access to our training facility and equipment
  • Pedal stroke analysis
  • Nutritional analysis (additional cost)

* Currently the Peak Centre does not offer a swim program but can provide swim lactate assessment on demand and will incorporate your swim training into your Triathlon Training Plan.

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