Training Programs

Individualized Strength and Conditioning Program:

The Peak Centre Individualized Strength and Conditioning Program provides an athlete with everything they need to maximize their improvements through out the season with long term development in mind. Built around a series of tests that will determine the athlete’s strength and weaknesses, the age and ability specific programs will increase strength and power, decrease body fat, improve flexibility and balance, increase endurance and maximize recovery. New programs are issued every month to ensure maximum progress.

The series of assessments performed on each athlete is a unique service offered only at the Peak Centre and includes: VO2 max to measure aerobic fitness, blood lactate analysis to measure recovery and allow the development of individualized training zones, body composition to help the athlete optimize body fat levels, movement screening to determine strength and flexibility muscle imbalances that may predispose them to injury, and jump tests to measure power and reactivity. Assessments are repeated every 4 months to help ensure progress and to allow us to adjust the program to changing fitness levels.

Cost: $220 + HST for the first month and $125 + HST every subsequent month

General Strength and Conditioning Program:

The Peak Centre General Strength & Conditioning Program is an entry level program designed to train the athlete for the specific requirements of hockey at the athlete’s age and ability level. All programs are designed to be age and developmentally appropriate and follow the guidelines set out in Sport Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development Program.

Cost: $80 + HST per month

Peak Centre was proud to be chosen to handle all the testing for Team Canada in preparation for the 2004 World Cup of Hockey. Team Canada continued to show they were the dominant team on the World Hockey scene by capturing the World Cup to go along with their Olympic Gold from Salt Lake City.

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