Resting Metabolic Rate and Body Composition Assessments

Wanting to lose weight? Have you tried dieting and not reached your goals? Than an RMR and Body Composition assessment could be what you are looking for! Have a look at how we take a scientific approach to weight loss at the Peak Centre, with great results!

Your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is the amount of energy (measured in calories) your body uses at rest. Knowing how many calories your body needs in a day is essential to weight loss.  Any caloric deficit will result in weight loss but the type of weight lost determines whether it will be a long term change or whether the weight is likely to be regained once you return to a normal caloric intake. With most calorie restrictive diets, the body will shed a combination of muscle and fat.  As the body loses muscle your daily caloric requirement drops.  Most diets fail in the end because losing good weight (muscle mass) and the resulting decrease in your daily caloric requirement, makes it increasingly difficult to keep the weight off when you return to a normal caloric intake.  This results in the yo-yo effect we associate with dieting.

The RMR indicates the number of calories the body requires for the functioning of organs. This provides a baseline that can be added to the number of calories burned during daily activity and exercise. This information allows you to more accurately modify your intake to reach your goals. Keeping your daily caloric intake 10-15% below your daily caloric requirement helps ensure your weight loss is fat loss.  Tracking RMR regularly gives us a window into the type of weight you are losing.

This information is then combined with changes in your body composition. Using skin-fold calipers, the first set of measurements act as a benchmark to compare future results to so that we can evaluate changes.  If we can maintain or increase your RMR and lower the skin fold measurements we know that we are maintaining or increasing muscle mass while losing fat – which is our goal. Then, through monitoring the changes we will have a better picture of how your body is reacting to the training and your diet.

So if you want to lose weight and ensure it stays off, book in for an assessment now! Included in the cost of the assessment is a consultation with one of our Exercise Physiologists who will talk you through the science behind your results and how you can apply them effectively to ensure your weight loss goal is achieved!

Body Composition Price: $75 + tax

Resting Metabolic Rate Price : $135 + tax

Body Composition +  Resting Metabolic Rate Price: $160 (+ tax)

Take advantage of our re-assessments packages offers which include big savings!

  • Through regular re-assessments we are able to precisely measure your heart rate, speed and/or power training zones, VO2max, and optimal fat burning zones.  We can then monitor your progress, adjust these zones, and optimize your training to ensure you’re getting the most out of the hours you’re putting in.  Through regular adaptation you are most likely to achieve your goals.  No more guesswork, no more wasted training time! To read more click here.

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