Are you tired of ineffective exercise programs? Our very successful exercise training plans come from our leading ability to integrate your individual fitness information into your workout regimen. The Peak Centre’s philosophy and programs are based on a strong scientific foundation and are built to provide you with optimal exercise strategies to meet your goals. Through years of research and applied practice we have developed the best conditioning programs available. Whether you wish to participate in a 5km run, hike up a mountain with your family, prepare for the ski season, improve your general fitness or lose 20lbs, we have a customized solution for you. We can also help businesses who are interested in more productive, healthy employees.

At PEAK you can undertake a fitness assessment to measure  your body’s specific response to exercise – it  is a snapshot of your current fitness level. Many types of assessments exist, however, not all of them provide the individual information neccessary for proper exercise training. Predictive equations, estimation charts and perceived exertion levels provide no direct information regarding your current individual fitness level, and also fail to track fitness improvements over time.

At the Peak Centre for Human Performance, we offer only direct assessments to measure your individual response to exercise. These assessments precisely determine your current level of fitness, as well as allow us to track your rate of training improvement over time. Each analysis is specific only to you and how your body responds to exercise.

Click here to download a sample of the Run Assessment Results

Click here to download information about the Peak Centre Lactate & VO2max Assessment

The Peak Centre is nationally accredited by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP). This means that we meet all the standards required for validity, accuracy, and reliability in all our assessments. To you, it ensures that the money you invest in your health and fitness is providing you with results that are valid, accurate, reliable, and more importantly, applicable.

The Peak Centre perform a range of physiological assessments in our lab, using ‘Gold Standard’ equipment to give you the most accurate results.

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