Altitude Training

The Peak Centre for Human Performance is constantly researching ways to improve training methods. Staying at the forefront of technology is one very important way of ensuring our clients maintain their edge.

One of the services that allow our clientele to reach peak performance is access to altitude training. Research has demonstrated that exposure to altitude has been linked to improved aerobic performances. With proper monitoring and expert guidance, this method of training can be a very useful tool. We have used it successfully with many athletes ranging from sports such as: Triathlon, Marathon, Badminton, Hockey, Tae Kwon Do, Soccer, Cycling, Rugby, Basketball, Swimming, and many more. With the help of Dr. John Hellemans (Director of the New Zealand Triathlon Academy), the Peak Centre has developed optimal programs for each individual. Results have been impressive!

Until recently altitude training has been very difficult unless you actually travel to or are currently living in a higher altitude environment. Furthermore, researchers thought that the length of time spent at altitude was the most important element in optimizing later performance. Therefore, use of altitude training for most was even less realistic. However, new studies on “Intermittent Hypoxic Training” (IHT) is changing past attitudes and methods so that more practical solutions (such as the Peak Centre’s GO2Altitude® equipment!) are now available. It has been proven that the key to the best results of hypoxic training is not altitude value, duration of stay, or timing of exposure…

The Trick is in the correct adoption of all three parameters adjusted for the particular individual


The experience of researchers and thousands of users of IHT demonstrates that the effect of the hypoxic adaptation is magnified by multiple transitions from LOW to HIGH and back. A 50-90 min session of IHT is even more efficient than staying (sleeping) at low oxygen air environment for a much longer period.

Go2Altitude® accommodates the latest findings in the area of hypoxic training. It is armed with advanced training protocols (developed by leaders in IHT research and practitioners of our equipment) and employs cutting edge biomedical technology.

Quotes from some of the elite athletes who have benefited from our equipment:

  • “I dropped my resting heart rate from my usual 34-35 bpm down to 28 bpm!”
  • “My haematocrit increased from normal 44-45% up to 51% after 10 sessions of training on Go2Altitude® equipment!”
  • “I decreased my time on 1000m by 7 sec!”
  • “Our players [Top football team] feel just great after a course of IHT!”
  • “My VO2max has improved by 7% after just 4 weeks of using the Go2”
  • “Recovery between my workouts are noticeably better since using IHT”

To find out more about IHT training at the Peak Centre, please contact us. If you do not live near a Peak Centre location, we do have purchase options for this product. Similarly, if you are a sport science practitioner, fitness centre, or rehab clinic and would like to offer these services to your clients, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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