Field Assessment

The Peak Centre’s sports scientists are able to conduct sport-specific field testing for individuals and/or teams. Cost will depend on the nature and numbers of the tests performed, the number of players assessed and any travel and/or facility rental costs. Please contact us for a discussion of your specific requirements.

Possible Tests May Include

  • Speed / Speed endurance / Agility
  • Development of 5 Sport-specific aerobic training zone checks (via blood lactate)
  • Anaerobic power and capacity
  • Lactic acid clearance is measured to assess recovery ability
  • Body composition (7 Sites) – Seven different skinfold sites are taken in order to interpret body composition.
  • Flexibility
  • Movement screens
  • Nutritional advice
  • Education (speakers for seminars can be provided on request)

To find out more, contact us on 604-299-7959 or email us at 
Alternatively, head over to our online form to request a booking or ask any questions. 

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