Nutrition Consulting

Nutrition is a very important part of the overall performance picture. To optimize performance and help reach weight loss goals, it’s vital that you are providing your body with the correct macro and micro-nutrient amounts to recover and train at your best. We directly provide energy usage analysis through our VO2 max assessments which measure precise rates of carbohydrate and fat metabolism during each of your 5 intensity zones. This will inform you of the amounts of carbohydrate you need to consume depending on exercise intensity, essential for training and race day nutritional strategy. It also allows us to calculate the exact intensity you should be working at to maximise fat utilization and help you to reach your weight loss goals through our Mission Possible Weight Loss Program. However, we can also set up a host of other nutritional services for you through referral, those of which are outlined below.


Movement meets Nutrition

Having completed your VO2max, Blood Lactate and Energy Usage Analysis Assessment at the Peak Centre for Human Performance, you now know how much energy your engine is capable of producing. Better yet, your new training program is about to help you tune up that engine to produce more energy.

Without proper nutrition, optimized performance is unattainable. The correct macro and micro-nutrient amounts to recover and train at your best are myriad and complex and vary from individual to individual.

“A good diet is the result of a good attitude.

If you value health, you’ll want to eat well.

When you make the connection between feeling well and eating well,

a good diet is never a burden.”

B. Greene


To motivate and empower individuals through education.

We appreciate the challenge that integrating and maintaining healthy eating presents to people. If eating healthy was easy, we’d all do it! Each person has their own genetic and environmental obstacles that must be accounted for in their quest for optimal performance. So we focus on a client-centred approach that’s tailored to each individual.

We focus on the interaction that food quality and behavior play on an individual’s health, We’ll sharpen your health-awareness. We’ll opens the door to healthy, sustainable changes. Applied over time, this isn’t a diet. It’s a lifestyle.                     


We work with you to develop a plan for reaching personal goals, encompassing both preventative health and life-long nutrition management. Through clinically-based nutritional science, we educate you to make healthier choices and to see through the confusing array of conflicting nutrition information and marketing in today’s food system.

We set attainable goals and reach them using practical tips and building a nutritional plan that fits you and your distinct lifestyle. Whether you want to be a strong athlete, curb your weight gain, or simply live more vibrantly, we can help you fuel better to achieve your goals.

Meet your nutritionists:

Melanie Ackerley CPT, RHN

Melanie embodies the concept that nutrition and fitness go together as she is both a certified personal trainer and a Holistic Nutritionist through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Driven by the achievement of of her clients, Melanie is the co-founder of Nexus Fitness & Nutrition. Her Signature Nutritional program has been changing the lives of Canadians for 4 years and is being refined every year for greater effect. Melanie has delivered multi faceted Corporate Health Programs from one-off seminars, to ongoing 4 year projects. A lifelong athlete, Melanie has played many competitive sports and understands the role good nutrition plays for optimal performance.

Troy McCormick, MSc BSc

Troy is very passionate in helping each individual achieve their fitness and nutrition goals.  He specializes in sports nutrition, injury prevention/rehabilitation, muscle building, weight loss and proper nutritional guidance for healthy living and body transformation with a well-balanced style of positive encouragement.

His mission is to improve his clients’ quality of life by incorporating the correct balance of healthy nutrition with health and fitness into their daily lifestyle and to help achieve their fitness goals. With a Master’s of Science Degree in Sport and Exercise Nutrition and a Bachelor of Honours Degree in Exercise Physiology, as well as a number of highly accredited certifications, Troy’s scientific approach towards health and fitness has allowed him to be a well-rounded trainer, with clients ranging from athletes, to people dealing with injuries, to simply people looking to lose weight and get in shape.

Fitness and Nutrition is an important part of Troy’s life. Using his education and experience, he is passionate about helping and motivating clients to reach their goals and maximum potential.

 Nutritional Coaching Services:


-Nexus’ Signature Plan – $599 *online version coming soon!

The Nexus Signature Nutritional Plan includes the Initial Nutrition Assessment, Nutri-System Profile Test, The Nexus Nutritional Plan Binder and four nutritional coaching sessions.

Initial Nutritional Consultation

At the initial consultation we will gather your three day diet analysis, health goals, medical history, symptoms and lifestyle.  This session is purely informational gathering.

First Nutritional Coaching Session

You will be presented with the Nexus Nutritional Plan wherein we will discuss your customized health and wellness program and the results of the Nutri-System Profile Test. We will also touch base on how to maintain energy levels, maintain a healthy body composition, learn about hormonal and digestive health and identify emotional and physical stressors and how they affect the body, review weekly diet journal and set achievable goals.

Second Nutritional Coaching Session

Learn about carbohydrates and sugar. The good and the bad. Includes a jaw-dropping sugar demo. Review weekly diet journal and re-evaluate goals.

Third Nutritional Coaching Session

Learn the roles of good fats, bad fats, protein and water and how they interact with your body. Become an expert food label reader and learn how to clean out your kitchen, stock your kitchen and shop for affordable nutritional groceries from your local grocery store.

Fourth Nutritional Coaching Session

Learn how to sustain your new Nexus Nutritional Plan and incorporate it into your new healthy lifestyle. Discuss a topic of your choice – pre/post exercise hydration, nutrient intake, sports nutrition, blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Review weekly diet journal and re-evaluate goals.

 -Personalized Menu Plan – $250+

A customized nutrition plan designed specifically with your training and/or health goals in mind.  After an initial information gathering session, a nutritional plan will be created.  From there, a follow-up session explaining your plan in detail will be discussed.

Initial Nutritional Consultation – $165

At the initial consultation we will gather your three day diet analysis, health goals, medical history, symptoms and lifestyle along with a Nutri-System Profile Test to determine your individual intolerances.  This session is purely informational gathering.

With a follow-up nutritional coaching session, you will be presented with a customized health and wellness program tailored to your specific needs. You will leave armed with the tools necessary to make realistic changes to your daily nutrition and lifestyle that encourages nourishing yourself from the inside out.

One on One Nutritional Coaching Session – $110

Each follow-up or check-in session will further motivate you and build your knowledge of holistic health and nutrition, develop strategies for your needs and provide support along the way to a better you.

-21 Day Healthy Habits Monthly Coaching Membership – $150/month

Following The Nexus Signature Nutritional Plan, you will be armed with a wealth of nutritional knowledge.  Next, you will need to have the willpower and self-guidance to implement this knowledge and incorporate it into your everyday life.  With the ’21-Days to Healthy Habits’ Membership, you won’t be alone.  You will be provided with professional guidance, accountability, support and encouragement to help you take your knowledge and form them into healthy habits which will eventually become a way of life.  You will wonder why it ever seemed so hard.

-DNA Diet Test – $299

*30 minute results consult $60 or 1 hour results consult $100

Combine Nutritional Coaching with your very own DNA Diet needs-

Package 1 – Initial Nutritional Consult – DNA Diet Testing – 1 hour Follow up consult to review report and go over individualized recommendations – $499

Package 2 – Initial Nutritional Consult – DNA Diet Testing – Nexus’s Signature Plan – $898

-DNA Testing – $299 for 1st test, $199 for 2nd test, $99 per any additional tests

*30 minute results consult $60

*1 hour results consult $100

DNA tests can be purchased individually or combined in any way based on pricing above. Tests available are: Diet, Fitness, Hormone, Brain, Inflammation, Methylation, Detox


*Please note all prices are subject to 5% GST.



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