Training Programs

Bringing Science and Training
Together to Produce Results

The Peak Centre is dedicated to providing innovative fitness testing and training services. The Peak Centre is different from the services offered by health clubs or personal trainers – Peak Centre’s philosophy and programs are based on a strong scientific foundation and are built to provide you with optimal training programs to meet your goals.

You do not need to be an elite athlete to benefit from sport and exercise services available at the Peak Centre. We use the same assessments and scientific principles to create all training programs so whether you are an elite level athlete, recreational or looking to improve your fitness and lose weight, eliminate the guesswork from your training and achieve your goals with Peak.

A training program is your guide toward reaching the health, fitness or performance goals that you have set for yourself. Without a program, training lacks direction and progression; both of which are necessary for improved fitness and performance. All training programs must be developed around the following principles:

  • Individuality
  • Specificity
  • Progressive
  • Overload
  • Recovery

Peak Centre: Your Partner in Training

Our very successful exercise and training programs come from our leading ability to integrate your individual physiological information into your training regimen. Through years of research and applied practice we have developed the best conditioning programs available. Whether you wish to participate in a triathlon, complete a 5km run, improve your general fitness or lose 20lbs, we have a customized solution for you.

To meet your individual goals you must be using a training program designed uniquely for you, based on your current fitness level and goals. To accomplish this we use scientific testing to measure your current fitness level and design workouts to get you to your goal.

This goal can be anything – participating in a triathlon, completing a marathon, general fitness improvements, losing 20 pounds or helping you reach elite athlete status.

Eliminate the Guess-Work From Your Training

By directly measuring several of your fitness variables, we obtain a ‘snapshot’ of your current physical condition, which we then use to develop your training program. Such a scientific, individualized approach ensures that you aren’t training too much or too little, too light or too hard. It also helps you to make the most of your training time. This gives a truly individual plan and removes the guesswork in your training by basing every session of accurate and measurable data. You will have constant contact with your trainer who will create a plan that fits in with your lifestyle and preferences and be there to answer any questions.There will be frequent reassessment to gain up to date results to track progress and ensure that you are always training optimally.

Results are achieved by following measurable steps. Create your own customized PEAK Training System from all our available services and products.

To make it simpler, we have developed “ready-made” packages for specific sports/activities. Click on the links below to read more;

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