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Throughout the year we have a variety of different deals available. To find out a bit more information on our current special offers see below.

Re-Assessment Package Special Offer

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    Are you interested in monitoring your training progress without the monthly commitment of becoming a training program client? Well, look no further than the Peak Centre’s re-assessment package special offer.

    What is included?
    The re-assessment package can be used on bike, run or row assessments, whatever your sport we’ve got it covered with these great deals.
    We are offering a few different packages to suit your needs!

    2x Lactate Assessments – $235 + tax. A great saving of 20% resulting in $50 off. 

    1x VO2max, Lactate and Energy Usage Analysis Assessment + 1x Lactate Assessment – $285 + tax.

    2x VO2max, Lactate and Energy Usage Analysis Assessment – $310 + tax. 20% off price when brought separately saving $80!

    1x VO2max, Lactate and Energy Usage Analysis Assessment + 2x Lactate Assessments – $390 +tax, a GIGANTIC 20% off saving $95.

    3x Lactate Assessments – ONLY $330 + tax. Save a HUGE $105 with 25% off!

    The more you BUY, the more you SAVE!

    What are the benefits?

    Through regular re-assessments we are able to precisely measure your heart rate, speed and/or power training zones, VO2max, and optimal fat burning zones.  We can then monitor your progress, adjust these zones, and optimize your training to ensure you’re getting the most out of the hours you’re putting in.  Through regular adaptation you are most likely to achieve your goals.  No more guesswork, no more wasted training time……just tangible results!

    We recommend reassessing every 2-3 months as that is how quickly the body can adapt to the training stimulus.  But there is no expiry date on the assessments so you can use them whenever you want.  You can space them out to suit your training program or have them all in preparation for your next race goal!

    Contact us now for more information or to begin your training journey! 

    BMO Vancouver Marathon – May 6th

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      The Peak Centre are proud to be a sponsor of the BMO Vancouver marathon and because of this will be offering 20% off all gift certificates! Don’t miss out take advantage of this great saving and get your gift certificate for an assessment, or even our training programs! Find us at the event expo (May 3rd-5th) at the Vancouver Convention Centre. 

      Give us a call to find out more on 604-299-7959

      Intern Training Program

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        Time Commitment:

        Initial assessment:  1 hr

        Initial consultation:  1 hr

        Strength Training & Flexibility orientation:  1.5 hr

        Weekly Training Volume:  Whatever you have available.  We’ll take the hours you’ve got and maximize the effectiveness.

        Re-assessment: 1 hr

        Post Consultation: 1 hr

        What’s Free:

        • Customized sport-specific training program development
        • Strength, Core and flexibility program to help keep you injury free
        • Use of training facility and CompuTrainer studio
        • As much guidance and support as you require to succeed with the program

        What Costs:
        Assessments are required at the beginning and the end of the process to initially determine training priorities and training zones and to evaluate progress after the training period.  Full payment is due at the beginning of the program. No promotional offers can be combined with this program.

        Single Sport Program:

        Initial Assessment (Lactates, VO2max & Energy Usage Analysis):  $195 + GST

        Follow-up Assessment (Lactate Zone Check):  $145 + GST

        Multi-Sport Program:

        Initial Assessments (Lactates, VO2max & Energy Usage Analysis on both Bike & Run): $255 + GST

        Follow-up Assessments (Lactate Zone Check on bike & run): $190 + GST


        • Complete initial assessment, consult, and training program meeting before Spring 2018.
        • You will receive your first month of training program on or before April 1st, 2018.
        • Schedule an appointment at Peak Centre for strength & conditioning orientation (and CompuTrainer orientation if required) during the first two weeks of your training program.
        • At the end of the first 4 weeks of your training program we will meet discuss feedback on the first month and any changes required for the next month of your training program.
        • We will repeat the feedback and adjustment process at the end of month 2.
        • At the beginning of month 3 we will schedule a time for the second set of assessments at the end of the block to evaluate the changes in your fitness.
        • Month 3 of your training program must finish the month prior to the interns returning the to UK, the final assessment can be done in their last month, please inquire for further details.  Please note that any assessments not completed by the time the students return to England (July 2018) will expire unless otherwise arranged with Peak Centre.

        Christmas Gift Certificates

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          Stuck for gift ideas this holiday season? We’ve got you covered!

          Our gift certificates are the perfect present for a loved one. With certificates available for all our services and training programs, you’ll be spoiled for choice all at a huge 20% discount!

          To purchase a Gift Certificate, contact us on 604-299-7959 or email us at info@peakcentrevancouver.ca 
          Alternatively, head over to our online form to request a Certificate or ask any questions.

          Terms and Conditions: must be purchased between 1st December and 31st December 2015. Gift Certificates do not apply to our Indoor Racing Series or Power Cycling Classes.

          Triathlon Packages

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            Targeting an Ironman or Triathlon next summer?

            Any Ironman requires a smart and well planned approach and this starts with finding out what your individual training zones are and tracking your progression. Our assessments take all the guesswork out from your training and if you purchase one of our Ironman assessment packages, you’ll benefit from some great savings! 

            4 x Blood Lactate Analysis assessment: $425

            6 x Blood Lactate Analysis assessment: $585

            2 x VO2max, Blood Lactate and Energy Usage Analysis assessment (1 Run & 1 Bike)+ 2 x Blood Lactate Analysis assessment: $480

            2 x VO2max, Blood Lactate and Energy Usage Analysis assessment (1 Run & 1 Bike)+ 4 x Blood Lactate Analysis assessment: $645

            Contact us now:

            email: info@peakcentrvancouver.ca

            phone: 604 299 7959

            Ride to Conquer Cancer Training Program

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              Ride to Conquer Cancer with Peak

              The Ride To Conquer Cancer is a two day cycling event benefiting the BC Cancer Foundation. On June 13th and 14th 2015, thousands of riders, of all abilities will take to the road in order to have fun and raise funds for clinicians, scientists and researchers to help beat cancer! Ride as an individual or part of a team and with a choice of four route options, there is something for everyone! So why not let the Peak Centre make sure you are in the best possible condition to enjoy an amazing ride and achieve your goals!

              Ranging from 200 to 300km, the ride is going to require some training, but if you sign up for a training program with the Peak Centre we can help take out the guesswork! Through signing up for a monthly training program to take you through until the June ride, we will provide you with:

              • Day to day training plan with your personal exercise physiologist.
              • All fitness assessments.
              • Your registration fee for the ride.
              • 20% of the cost of your program will go towards your target donation.

              RCTO_GenericLogo09_cmyk_horizClick here for more information and check out this video to see what this amazing challenge is all about!​

              This is a great event for a worthy cause so make sure you are in the best condition and raise the most money possible with the Peak Centre!

              $199 +tax per month – however 20% of that cost will go towards your target donation.

              Ride2Survive Training Program

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                Ride2Surive with Peak

                The Ride2Survice is the Canadian Cancer Society’s (CCS) largest independent fundraising event! The event covers 400km taking you from Kelowna to Delta all while raising valuable funds for the ultimate fight against cancer, with over $3.5 million raised so far. An event of such distance requires proper preparation, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Our scientific approach to training will ensure you are at your peak come event day, and that means a more enjoyable ride! Our program will provide you with:

                • Day to day training plan with your personal exercise physiologist.
                • All fitness assessments.
                • Your registration fee for the ride.
                • 20% of the cost of your program will go towards your target donation.

                Ride2Survive logo
                Click here to view Deneka Michaud’s Ride2Survive journey to give you an excellent insight in to this fantastic event. With our help, we’ll ensure your ride is as successful as possible so you concentrate on what really matters – your personal journey. 

                $199 +tax per month – however 20% of that cost will go towards your target donation.

                Charity Event Training Program

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                  Become powered by peak – let us help YOU to achieve your fundraising goal!

                  Training for an event and fundraising for charity at the same time? This could just be the training program you are after to ensure you are in perfect shape for race day! When training for a charity event with the Peak Centre, we really are there to help you achieve in more ways then one. Therefore 20% of your monthly training program fee will go towards your fundraising goal.

                  The charity events we support include, but aren’t limited to:

                  For more information on what is included in a training program with us please click here.

                  $199 +tax per month – Single Sport

                  $239 +tax per month – Multi Sport


                  Computrainer Sale

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                    Our fantastic CompuTrainer offer continues! Contact us now before the deal expires!

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