VO2 Max, Blood Lactate and Energy Usage Analysis:

With PEAK, the athlete can either perform the full assessment or just a Lactate Assessment for running or cycling and receive:

Accurate Lactate Analysis

  • The athlete will undergo a graded exercise test where the intensity is gradually increased until failure. Lactate measurements will be taken at regular intervals and analyzed on a medical grade lactate analyzer to create a profile of how the athletes body responds to that particular exercise.

Development of Individual Training Zones

  • Our Exercise Physiologists will analyze the athlete’s physiological profile and precisely identify the intensities (in km/hr & pace/km or Watts, depending on whether they undertook the run or bike assessment, and then heart rate) corresponding to the 5 key training zones that are critical for the athlete to improve their event-specific fitness.

VO2 Measurement (for economy of event specific movement and VO2max)

  • VO2 will be measured during each exercise intensity using a state-of-the-art metabolic analyzer. Results will be used to provide information regarding economy of movement and VO2max.

Energy Usage Analysis: for race day nutrition planning

  • We can measure the number of calories an athlete is using per minute of exercise at various intensities as well as the percentage of those calories that are coming from stored fats and the percentage coming from carbohydrates. This info can be used to form a race day nutrition plan to ensure enough carbs are consumed to maintain the desired intensity


  • One of our trained Exercise Physiologists will go over the results of the assessment and how they can be applied to meet the athlete’s goals.

Pricing – we have a variety of pricing packages that you can purchase:

  • VO2max, Lactate and Energy Usage Analysis Assessment (Bike/Run/Walk/Row) – $195 +tax
  • Lactate Analysis Assessment (Bike/Run/Walk/Row) – $145 +tax
  • Multi-test Package (2x VO2max, Lactate and Energy Usage Analysis Assessment) – $310 +tax
  • Multi-test Package (2x Lactate Assessment) – $235 +tax
  • We also offer group testing packages

Take advantage of our re-assessments packages offers which include big savings!

  • Through regular re-assessments we are able to precisely measure your heart rate, speed and/or power training zones, VO2max, and optimal fat burning zones.  We can then monitor your progress, adjust these zones, and optimize your training to ensure you’re getting the most out of the hours you’re putting in.  Through regular adaptation you are most likely to achieve your goals.  No more guesswork, no more wasted training time! To read more click here.


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