Fitness Assessments & Testing

The Peak Centre perform a range of physiological assessments in our lab, using ‘Gold Standard’ equipment to give you the most accurate results. Follow the links for more information.

VO2 Max, Blood Lactate and Energy Usage Analysis:

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    With PEAK, the athlete can either perform the full assessment or just a Lactate Assessment for running, cycling, walking or rowing and receive:

    Accurate Lactate Analysis

    • The athlete will undergo a graded exercise test where the intensity is gradually increased until failure. Lactate measurements will be taken at regular intervals and analyzed on a medical grade lactate analyzer to create a profile of how the athletes body responds to that particular exercise.

    Development of Individual Training Zones

    • Our Exercise Physiologists will analyze the athlete’s physiological profile and precisely identify the intensities (in km/hr & pace/km or Watts, depending on whether they undertook the run or bike assessment, and then heart rate) corresponding to the 5 key training zones that are critical for the athlete to improve their event-specific fitness.

    VO2 Measurement (for economy of event specific movement and VO2max)

    • VO2 will be measured during each exercise intensity using a state-of-the-art metabolic analyzer. Results will be used to provide information regarding economy of movement and VO2max.

    Energy Usage Analysis: for race day nutrition planning

    • We can measure the number of calories an athlete is using per minute of exercise at various intensities as well as the percentage of those calories that are coming from stored fats and the percentage coming from carbohydrates. This info can be used to form a race day nutrition plan to ensure enough carbs are consumed to maintain the desired intensity


    • One of our trained Exercise Physiologists will go over the results of the assessment and how they can be applied to meet the athlete’s goals.

    Pricing – we have a variety of pricing packages that you can purchase:

    • VO2max, Lactate and Energy Usage Analysis Assessment (Bike/Run/Walk/Row) – $195 +tax
    • Lactate Analysis Assessment (Bike/Run/Walk/Row) – $145 +tax
    • Re-assessment Package (1x VO2max and 2x Lactate Assessment) – $390 +tax
    • Re-assessment Package (3x Lactate Assessment) – $330 +tax
    • Multi-test Package (2x VO2max, Lactate and Energy Usage Analysis Assessment) – $310 +tax
    • Multi-test Package (2x Lactate Assessment) – $235 +tax
    • We also offer group testing packages

    To book an assessment, contact us on 604-299-7959 or email us at 
    Alternatively, head over to our online form to request a booking or ask any questions. 


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      Wanting to lose weight? Have you tried dieting and not reached your goals? Than an RMR and Body Composition assessment could be what you are looking for! Have a look at how we take a scientific approach to weight loss at the Peak Centre, with great results!

      Your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is the amount of energy (measured in calories) your body uses at rest. Knowing how many calories your body needs in a day is essential to weight loss.  Any caloric deficit will result in weight loss but the type of weight lost determines whether it will be a long term change or whether the weight is likely to be regained once you return to a normal caloric intake. With most calorie restrictive diets, the body will shed a combination of muscle and fat.  As the body loses muscle your daily caloric requirement drops.  Most diets fail in the end because losing good weight (muscle mass) and the resulting decrease in your daily caloric requirement, makes it increasingly difficult to keep the weight off when you return to a normal caloric intake.  This results in the yo-yo effect we associate with dieting.

      The RMR indicates the number of calories the body requires for the functioning of organs. This provides a baseline that can be added to the number of calories burned during daily activity and exercise. This information allows you to more accurately modify your intake to reach your goals. Keeping your daily caloric intake 10-15% below your daily caloric requirement helps ensure your weight loss is fat loss.  Tracking RMR regularly gives us a window into the type of weight you are losing.

      This information is then combined with changes in your body composition. Using skin-fold calipers, the first set of measurements act as a benchmark to compare future results to so that we can evaluate changes.  If we can maintain or increase your RMR and lower the skin fold measurements we know that we are maintaining or increasing muscle mass while losing fat – which is our goal. Then, through monitoring the changes we will have a better picture of how your body is reacting to the training and your diet.

      So if you want to lose weight and ensure it stays off, book in for an assessment now! Included in the cost of the assessment is a consultation with one of our Exercise Physiologists who will talk you through the science behind your results and how you can apply them effectively to ensure your weight loss goal is achieved!

      To learn a little more about RMR and its role within the body click this link to read an article written by Carsten Adams, a previous Peak intern.

      Price: $160 (+ tax)

      To book an assessment, contact us on 604-299-7959 or email us at 
      Alternatively, head over to our online form to request a booking or ask any questions. 


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        We are pleased to announce that we will now be able to offer blood chemistry analysis referrals for you from the Peak Centre for Human Performance. This testing and the follow-up consultation will be tailored to you as an athlete and your performance.

        Blood Chemistry Analysis determines the state of key performance blood
        chemistry indicators like iron, testosterone levels, immune system
        functionality and haemoglobin levels.

        Following the blood chemistry analysis we’ll take you through an
        Individual Consultation to discuss results and recommendations for any areas
        of potential concern/improvement.

        Our Packages Include: 
        Haemotology profile, ferritin (iron), testosterone, vitamin D testing &
        consultation: $225 + tax

        Haemotology profile, ferritin (iron), testosterone testing & consultation:
        $165 + tax.

        To book an analysis, contact us on 604-299-7959 or email us at 
        Alternatively, head over to our online form to request a booking or ask any questions. 


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          Running biomechanical assessments

          Did you know that nearly 70% of runners will eventually get injured! Even the smallest deviation from good technique can cause injury or decrease running performance.

          A biomechanical assessment can help detect these small deviations in your running mechanics. Our assessment includes a review of your injury and training history followed by measures of flexibility, alignment and mechanics. If errors are identified that could lead to a reduction in running performance or an increase in the risk of injury, we recommend a treatment plan.

          Details on the session:

           A test session takes 60 minutes from start to finish:

          • When you have booked a session you simply show up at __________ where you will meet our biomechanics expert.
          • You will change into your training outfit. We recommend you were tight running clothes, preferable darker in color. Loose clothes will interfere with the quality of the analysis. Wear the running shoes you currently train in but make sure to give the sole a quick clean.
          • A barefoot static analysis will be performed where the expert will measure body alignment, assess strength and flexibility.
          • You will then be asked to run on a treadmill for a few minutes, at different speeds. The speeds are selected based on your performance level. 
You will run for 15-25 minutes during which your running motion will be recorded.
          • When you have finished running, the motion data will be analyzed and the expert will generate a report. 
When our expert has looked at the report, she will make a final assessment and the report will made available to you.

          To book an assessment, contact us on 604-299-7959 or email us at 
          Alternatively, head over to our online form to request a booking or ask any questions. 


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            The Peak Centre for Human Performance is pleased to offer our Combine Testing Program
            for players aged 14 years and up. While originally used in the NHL, we can perform this assessment for a range of sports, including volleyball, football, soccer and rugby.

            The results of direct maximal testing allow for the comparison of players across the Nation.
            All data is benchmarked against the elite level average relevant to the sport (e.g NHL draft) and all players are ranked within their age group across North America.

            Our measures include:

            • Maximal Aerobic Power & Capacity
            • Musculoskeletal Power
            • Total Body Strength
            • Blood Analysis (Aerobic and Anaerobic)
            • Maximal Anaerobic Power & Capacity
            • Musculoskeletal Endurance
            • Total Body Flexibility

            What are the benefits of direct maximal testing?

            • The ability to benchmark of current ability in relation to elite level standards
            • The use of gold standard test protocols & medical grade analyzers ensure valid results
            • A quantified assessment of Player potential to assist in team selection
            • The Development of individualized training programs specific to an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses
            • A maximized return on investment (ROI) in your players development
            • All assessments completed by Exercise Physiologists with NHL level experience in testing

            To book an assessment, contact us on 604-299-7959 or email us at 
            Alternatively, head over to our online form to request a booking or ask any questions. 

            CPAFLA – Canadian Physical Activity, Fitness and Lifestyle Appraisal

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              A high proportion of job-related injuries to paramedics occur when lifting patients. Physical fitness is critical to maintaining the wellness of paramedics, and fitness must be incorporated in the overall philosophy of the occupation. As part of the application package you will need to complete a physical fitness assessment entitled the Canadian Physical Appraisal of Fitness and Lifestyle Approach (CPAFLA) – 3rd edition. This is a national standardized test of fitness designed by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiologists (CSEP), and administered only by professionals with a minimum certification level of Certified Fitness Consultants (CFC) as determined by CSEP.

              You can get your CPAFLA completed here at Peak Centre by a certified member of staff (cost: $130 + HST).

              For more information & to book your appointment get in touch with us: (604-299-7959)

              The JIBC document below describes the process in more detail.


              To book an assessment, contact us on 604-299-7959 or email us at 
              Alternatively, head over to our online form to request a booking or ask any questions. 

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